1) Michael and his dog, Sox, who travel the US by motorcycle and do it in style.

IG: @the_bike_dog

2) Knight and Aston - truly the happiest dogs on Instagram!

IG: @knight_thepit

3) We now are proud to introduce Moose - THE KING OF SELFIES.

IG: @mr.moosemccann

4) If you are not immediately obsessed with Shortcake, who has a permanent smile on her face and is the cutest dog in the whole galaxy... you are lying.

IG: @theladyshortcake

5) BEWARE OF MEEKO - may cause extreme smiling, pain from intense laughter, and urge to give belly rubs.

IG: @meekomotomus

6) Cue "Walking on Sunshine" - Chula truly has all the summer time vibes.

IG: @itshardbeingchula

7) Yawning puppy + their favorite stuffed animal = maximum cuteness achieved. We love you, Bosco.

IG: @nantucketboss

8) This patriotic cutie:

IG: @the_pomsketeers

9) You can't scroll past Lychee without giving him a boop!

IG: @lychee_the_corgi

10) And finally, Harper - who's as happy as... well, a lab in a lake!

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