Considering the state of the universe right now, it's understandable that road trips are still on the rise. You’re saving on plane tickets by opting for the open road -  so it's worth considering splurging on a luxurious dog-friendly Airbnb.

From East to West, Fi found the most splurge-worthy homes to book -- that you don’t need to hop on a plane to get to. With homes this huge, social distancing won't be difficult. You’ll feel like you’re in another world, but you might just be a state or two away from home. Forget a doghouse, both you and your dog can relax and play, unwind and recharge in these incredibly luxurious dog-friendly Airbnbs:

This Hamptons retreat comes complete with a sauna, soaker tub, spa-like pool, and a yard that will automatically engage your dog's zoomies. After running in 100 circles, your pup will need to cool off with a swim.

Single dog moms and dads, this Manhattan mansion is for you. The ultimate bachelor or bachelorette pad is steps away from NYC's most popular sights, but given the amenities in this place, you and your dog may never leave the front porch.

This Key West home's incredible pool alone is reason enough to make your way past Miami. With a personal jungle and plenty of lounge chairs to choose from, your dog will think you booked this place just for them.

This Louisiana B&B is the most eclectic place we've come across in a while. Featuring incredibly unique rooms, dual hot tubs, maze-like outdoor spaces, and a soaker tub in every suite, you and your dog will enjoy the birthplace of jazz in style.

Your first stop in Illinois doesn't always have to be the heart of Chicago! This Oak Park mansion serves as a venue for weddings and special events, but you can have it all to yourself (and your dog) for castle-like living.

Bet you never thought 'Island living' meant Michigan. You can rent this entire island (and huge home on it) for the ultimate secluded vacation with your dog.

All-season luxury exists in Aspen, Colorado in this jaw-dropping mountain mansion. Don't worry about losing your pup in this giant place...just as long as he's wearing his Fi Collar.

This desert oasis in Arizona will transport you to another world. Escape the heat in the infinity pool while your dog get's her steps in on the private lawn.

This California ranch provides the ultimate getaway - challenge your pup in a game of pool or prepare a delicious meal in the gourmet outdoor kitchen in this design masterpiece.

It won't be hard for your pup to find the sunny spot in this Malibu Mansion. With views like this, you might forget you're in California and assume you're on a private island.

Start saving up to begin checking these incredible homes off of your cross-country bucket list. Your dog will thank you! If you're already in the position to book a stay - make sure you're clear on state travel restrictions and safety protocols. And as always, make sure your Fi Collar is charged.