It's National Puppy Day and we're celebrating with all the reasons why you should get a puppy and of course, a lot of pictures of adorable little puppies.

1. Puppies lower stress. When we're stressed, our bodies release cortisol as a response. This is often coupled with higher blood pressure, and over time, can lead to a multitude of health issues. A study showed that when people took care of dogs, their blood pressure and their body's stress response was significantly diminished! Less stress and more puppies is a motto we're happy to live by.

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2. Puppies teach responsibility. If you have kids that are constantly ask for a puppy, it might actually be a good idea to give in! Adopting a puppy can help teach kids a lot, including patience, cleaning up messes, exercise, and routine. These are life lessons that your kids will carry on throughout their entire lives, and their new puppy will be their first best friend.

3. They make a great friend for your other pets! Your dog may enjoy the only child life, but we can guarantee the right puppy will make them so much happier! Adding a second dog to your family gives your dog a friend to play with when you're not able to and a snuggle buddy for life.

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4. Puppies keep you active. It's no secret that a puppy will keep you on your toes. As your puppy grows up, they'll need more walks and longer play sessions to meet their exercise needs. If you've been feeling a little lazy lately, welcoming a new puppy will give you that motivation boost you need to get outside and start running/walking more often!

5. They help you make new friends. If you've never owner a puppy before, let us let you in on a little secret - every single person who walks by you will want to stop and meet your puppy! Puppies make great conversation starters and there are tons of groups online where you can meet other dog owners. Creating a dog Instagram is also a great way to meet other people and their pups in your area.

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6. Puppies make people happy! Studies have shown that even a short interaction with a dog can increase oxytocin production in our brains, so imagine how much would be released if you have a puppy to play with everyday!

7. They keep us healthy. Because owning a dog keeps us active, reduces stress levels, and can help manage chronic disease, they're the best type of daily medicine because they keep us in tip top shape! They can even detect illness early on, even if they have no prior training.

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8. They make us feel good about ourselves! It's hard to think poorly of yourself when a furry little friend thinks the world of you and loves you unconditionally.

9. They can prevent allergies. If you have a dog allergy, they adopting a puppy might not be a great idea, but if you don't, owning a dog can lower your child's chance of becoming allergic to pets. They'll thank you later, trust us.

10. They can keep you safe. Okay, nobody is going to run away from a little puppy, but that pup will eventually grow up into an adult dog! Having a dog in your home can help provide you with some protection and peace of mind.

Embrace the Joy of National Puppy Day: Discover the Benefits of Adding a Puppy to Your Life!

Join the National Puppy Day celebration and discover why adding a puppy to your life can bring so much joy and fulfillment! From reducing stress and teaching responsibility to fostering new friendships and keeping you active, puppies offer a myriad of benefits. And when you're ready to welcome a new furry friend into your family, ensure their safety and well-being with the Fi Dog Collar.

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