When describing dogs, the term 'Special Needs' is overarching - representative of pups with disabilities ranging from birth defects to physically disabled due to an accident, medical complication, abuse, and more. Rescuing a Special Needs dog is a significant responsibility, but one that will inevitably bring so much joy and love to your life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Special Needs Dog

If you need a reason to adopt a Special Needs dog, we're giving you 5:

They’ll inspire you to tackle your own tough challenges. When you think of the incredible obstacles that your special needs dog has faced, and still enjoys every day they have, it removes a lot of feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, and has the potential to give you courage and confidence in difficult circumstances in your own life.

They give new meaning to unconditional love - like any dog who is rescued, they know you saved their life and they love you for it. A special needs dog especially knows the vital role you play in their own life, happiness, and comfort. They’ll be a loyal companion, because they count on you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Special Needs Dog

They’re a dog! They can do most everything any other dog can do, they’re only limited in the one area of their disability. Fetch? 3 legged dogs love it. Snuggles? Nothing holding a blind dog back from that. Hiking? A deaf dog enjoys nature just as much as anyone else.

You’re setting an example for your community not to discriminate against special needs dogs. Proving to neighbors, friends and family that raising a special needs dog is worth considering, and even though training and care may be more challenging, that makes it more rewarding. The more folks that adopt special needs dogs, the more dogs find safe, loving homes.

You’re potentially making space in a shelter or at a rescue for other dogs in need to occupy. Taking on the responsibility of raising a special needs pup, and potentially dedicating more time and effort than you would with an able bodied dog, you are freeing up space in crowded shelters so other dogs may enter the system and find their forever home.

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Special Needs Dog

There are so many rescues that focus on special needs dog adoption and fostering, including Fi Partners Speak! For The Unspoken and Speak! St. Louis. For additional resources regarding dogs with special needs, visit Adopt-a-Pet.com to learn more!