Whether you are welcoming a new dog into your home or striving to train the dog you currently have, having the right equipment and tools is crucial to maintaining and training your dog. Fi's professional dog trainer, Or Nessim, is showing us all the tools you need to successfully train your dog:

A Crate

A crate is an  important tool in creating a safe space for your dog to be away from certain situations or guests. Crate training your dog creates boundaries and can be used in several different occasions - such as when everyone is asleep or when guests are over, and you’d like to contain your dog away from the event.  

Another similar tool to a crate is an elevated place mat. This mat can be used to designate a specific spot you want your dog to stay in while everyone else is going about their business in the house.

For example, if someone is cleaning around the house and wants the dog nearby but not strolling around, he/she can be sent to their mat to remain in place. The dog can still enjoy their owner’s presence and be involved in the setting but not interact or intrude.

Border collie in her crate

A Long Line

When doing training sessions with your dog, a useful tool to have is a long line. This is a long leash that allows the dog owner to have control without tension. The dog will not feel a pulled force but, if need be, the dog owner could correct the dog when an undesired  behavior occurs.

For example, while training your dog to remain on their place mat, he/she is lured to the place mat and told to stay in “place.” It is important to note that when a dog feels tension from a leash, their first instinct is to pull in the opposite direction. With that being said, once a dog is lured to the place  mat, you may pull on the leash in an upward direction so that the dog may pull back into the mat, securing  himself in the “place” position. Then you may release the tension and slowly release the leash and step back.

With a long line, you can step away from the place mat but still correct your dog if they step off the  place mat before they were told to do so.

Treat Pouch

Lastly, the treat  pouch is a great tool to have when training your dog. We want to create a positive experience for dogs when they are working through training and part of that has to do with positive reinforcement.

We teach dogs what to do and what not to do by emphasizing their positive behaviors with the use of treats as opposed to harshly correcting them for the latter. As we all know, dogs love treats and are extremely likely to be distracted and more interested in your handful of treats as  opposed to the training you are attempting to conduct. Therefore, storing treats in a pouch that is readily available around your waist not only allows you to access the treats in a timely manner so that positive  behavior is reinforced punctually, but also keeps the treats out of sight during training.

- Or Nessim