The more we know about our dogs, the better pup-parents we become. Read these 8 little-known facts about dogs and expand your knowledge of man's best friend!

  • The average dog has an intelligence level equivalent to a 2-year-old human. Our dogs are just permanent furry toddlers with the ability to learn, listen, and play.
  • Dogs have three eyelids. As well as a top and bottom lid, they have a membrane in the corner of their eye that removes dust and mucus from the cornea. You’ve probably seen it while you’re pet is falling asleep.
  • Dogs who lift their leg when they pee do so to make themselves appear larger to other dogs. While technically vulnerable while doing their business, if they can appear to be bigger than they actually are, no other dog will mess when doing the deed!
  • Petting a dog can actually benefit your physical and mental health. Dog owners know, but studies also confirm that petting a dog for 15 minutes can lower blood pressure by 10%, can help lower feelings of stress, depression, and combat loneliness.
  • Dogs can’t tell time, but they do have a sense of it. They know whether you’ve been gone for a few minutes or a few hours, and if things are consistent in your home, they can predict when it’s time to walk and when it’s time to eat.
  • Dogs drink with the back of their tongue. The backward curl of their tongues enables them to drink more liquid than if they were to simply dip their tongue into the water or even scoop it with their tongue like a ladle.
  • Dogs have ⅙ of the number of taste buds that humans have. Dogs don’t necessarily know the difference between the taste of filet mignon and their own kibble, they’re just excited to eat, no matter what’s presented to them!
  • Dogs aren’t actually color-blind. It’s not all black or white in their world, but they don’t see the full spectrum that humans have the ability to see. They have two color receptors (rather than three, which humans have) and see combinations of blues and yellows.