Can't decide between adopting a Basenji or a Pit Bull as your next dog? Why not get both! Meet the Basenji Pit Bull Mix (or Pitsenji for short)!

Meet The Basenji Pitbull Mix

The cross of these two incredible breeds results in an agile and independent mix, while also making for a great companion. It's hard to say when this mix originally came about as it has yet to be recognized by kennel associations.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Coat Colors

Pitsenjis have a short, shiny coat much like their parent breeds. If you're looking for a low shedding breed, the Basenji Pit Bull mix is for you, as these guys barely shed!

brown husky poodle mix, brown huskypoo, brown huskydoodle

Pitsenjis may exhibit a variety of different coat colors. Basenjis have 4 main coat colors: chestnut red, black, tricolor, or brindle. Pit Bull Terriers have quite a few more coat variants, including black, brindle, red, blue, fawn, tan, and buckskin to name a few.

You Pitsenji's coat color may be a mix of any of these coat colors depending on it's parent's coloring.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Personality

This mix is incredibly active, so make sure you're ready to provide them with all of their exercise needs before deciding to adopt one. A 1 hour walk each day is ideal, though more will also be appreciated! You'll also want to provide them with various games to work their brain and mentally tire them out, as well as physically.

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Pitsenjis are known to be independent and a little stubborn, so training may be difficult. Be sure to start training at an early age and ask a professional trainer for help if needed! One of the behaviors that your Pitsenji may inherit is the Basenji's loud "yodel" - you can check out how Fi's dog trainer curbs excessive barking here.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Size

Basenji Pit Bull mixes can grow to be anywhere from 15 to 17 inches tall. In terms of weight, they usually range between 25 and 35 pounds.

But because this is a fairly new breed, there are few standards when it comes to size. The typical Pitsenji will be a medium size, though this may vary.

husky poodle mix, huskypoo, huskydoodle

Basenji Pitbull Mix Health

A healthy Basenji Pit Bull Mix can live up to 14 years! They are a generally healthy breed, but may have some ailments passed down to them from either of their parents.

It is possible that your Pitsenji could inherit retinal atrophy from their Basenji parent. This health condition is quite common in the breed and is defined by the degeneration of the retina and loss of vision.

Parent Breeds

Basenji Facts

Basenjis are hounds that are known for their independent, smart, and poised nature. They are small and graceful, and can quickly be identified by their curled tail and "yodel". Yep, you read that right! Basenji's are known as the "barkless" dog because unlike a normal dog bark, they let out a loud yodel to communicate.

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Those who own Basenjis call them a "cult" breed - not widely owned, but those lucky enough to know the love of one are Basenji owners for life.

Pit Bull Facts

Meet the American Pit Bull Terrier! While they may appear intimidating at first, this lovable mutt barely qualifies as a guard dog. Their love for people is immense and they are quite unaware of their large size, as all they really want to do is sit in your lap.

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Though they were originally bred to bait bulls, they eventually became a "nanny" dog because of how good they are with kids. They are quite aware of their surroundings and will guard their family with their life if needed, but are overall a friendly breed if well socialized.

Think a Basenji Pitbull Mix is the right dog for you?

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