If you live in a big city, you know how difficult it is to give your fur baby everything that he or she needs. There is not a lot of grass that is readily available and loud noises can spook them easily. So, what dog breeds are the best for city living? We have put together a list of the top breeds that are easiest for city living. Before you read on, can you guess which ones made the cut? We think you will be surprised by the last one.

Best Breeds


This breed has a couple different breeds within it, so maybe we cheated a little bit and actually are offering six great breeds for city living! Unfortunately, American Bulldogs did not make the cut because they are too big and energetic. Sorry, American Bulldog lovers! But English and French Bulldogs did make the city-living cut! Let us start with the English bulldog. Although these dogs weight around 50 pounds, they are only about 16 inches tall!

They are pure muscle with a thick neck, heavy wrinkles, and a short face. They only require about 20-40 minutes of exercise per day! They are a very laidback breed and are so very sweet and gentle. They are a very dependable dog and are great with children! Kids will also love their snorting and snoring… they tend to think it is funny. This breed does not need a lot of grooming. Just wipe their face wrinkles regularly to prevent skin infections.


French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are a very affectionate lap dog. They only weigh about 26 pounds and stand about 12 inches tall! You will notice a lot of city dwellers own French Bulldogs and we believe a big part of that (besides the fact that they are super cute and silly) is because they require less than 20 minutes of activity per day! How crazy is that?! They do, however, require a lot of attention and are very sociable.

If you have never met a Frenchie, just know that they thrive on attention and will do whatever it takes to keep your attention. So, you will be forced to make other dog parent friends so they can play with their own furiends! If you don’t take them outside some days, do not worry, this breed is extremely patient and very easygoing. This breed will be fine being loved on by you rather than going out to play.

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Boston Terrier

This breed is a great option for people who like silly dogs. This breed moves very fast (you know how dogs get the zoomies sometimes? This breed gets them regularly!) and are very playful. If you are worried by the word “playful” and think this breed will require too much work for a city gal, you might be happily mistaken.

The Boston Terrier only requires 20 to 40 minutes of playtime per day (sometimes less!). This breed gets along well with other dogs and pets in general. You like cats as well? Great! You can have a Boston Terrier and cat live happily together. Be prepared for this breed’s picky eating though. They have delicate digestive systems and are prone to gas.

If you are in a really small apartment… You might want to rethink this breed or just get him some Beano. (Please, do not actually give your dog Beano. Consult your vet if you are concerns about your dog’s digestive system and the output it causes.)

Boston Terrier



Are you seeing a trend with the dog breeds yet? Pugs weigh between 14 and 18 pounds, stand between 11 and 12 inches tall, have short and wrinkly faces that cause snorting and snoring. Pugs only require about 20 minutes of exercise per day and are very happy to just sit on your lap and hang out when you get home. Unlike the breeds mentioned above, Pugs are not little socialites.They are like that professor in college who was super serious but every now and then you saw he had a dry sense of humor… They are also a little stubborn but ultimately want to please their owners. Be careful over feeding this breed though. They are prone to weight gain and with them not needing (or wanting) much exercise, they can quickly gain weight.

Yorkshire Terrier

The first dog on our list that doesn’t have a smooshed face or wrinkles! These teeny tiny dogs require a little more attention than the breeds listed above. Why? Because their grooming needs are way higher maintenance than the others. With their long flowy hair, they need to be brushed daily to keep knots out. Other than that, these dogs tend to be around 6 pounds and 8 inches tall. They require less than 20 minutes of exercise per day and they do not require a lot of food so you can save some money there! Although this breed can easily be paper trained, they do like to get outdoors sometimes. This breed is sensitive to cold temperatures and can get scared easily due to their small size. Be sure to buy a dog coat and give them lots of love for maximum comfort.

Yorkshire terrier


Surpriiiise! Did you think you would see an energetic Greyhound on the list?! Greyhounds are rather large compared to the others on our list! They normally weigh between 60 and 70 pounds and stand between 28 and 30 inches tall. They have a very long face and have slender bodies. Even though these dogs are known for the speed, they only require between 20 and 40 minutes of exercise per day. The Greyhound has a coat that is easily maintained so you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on grooming. Because their bodies do not have a lot of fat, owners must provide very soft places for them to rest so that they don’t get pressure sores that are common in the breed. Greyhounds should not be in home with small rodents because they have a strong prey drive. Greyhounds are exceptional with other dogs, tolerant of children, and love to cuddle all day. Although this breed has a great athletic ability, they prefer to sleep most of their day away!


Do you own one of the breeds on our list? Do you live in the city with a dog breed that didn’t make the list? Let us know if you think they should be on this list by commenting below! If you live in a big city with a dog, let us know how difficult it is to get them the exercise they deserve. Are you checking your Fi Collar app every day to ensure they’re getting ample exercise? If you have a hard time finding space to let your fur baby get exercise, let us know what city you live in and we’ll help you find some great dog-friendly places!

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