Border Collie and Dalmatian mixes, also known as Bodacions, are some of the most loyal and hard-working breeds of dogs. The combination of loyal Dalmation with the work ethic of a Border Collie results in a fun, energetic furball that has the cutest features of both breeds.

To discuss the temperament you should expect from the combination of these two breeds, we will first talk about the breeds individually. It is important to remember not every dog will fit the mold of their breeds’ temperaments, but typically they follow a certain behavioral pattern.

Border Collies: The Fearless Furball

Border Collies are known to be super affectionate, intelligent, and full of energy. To understand the breed better, here is a breakdown of their typical temperament.

Affection Level

Border Collies are immensely affectionate. As a family dog, they are extremely lovey-dovey with everyone, including young children. They are generally very open to and friendly with strangers, making them easy to take on casual walks.

This also means you don’t need to worry about having guests over as they will interact well with new people. As far as protective watchdogs go, they are sort of in the middle of the spectrum. This contributes to their openness to strangers because they don’t feel the need to intensely defend their territory.

border collie

Energy Level

Border Collies are stacked with energy. They are non-stop balls of playfulness, and once you start playing with them, good luck getting them to calm down before they’re ready. Border Collies need to be walked and played with often, or they will get bored and possibly act out.

Border Collies’ high level of intelligence means they need mental stimulation or they’ll become restless. But because of how smart they are, they are very willing and eager to be trained. Border Collies are working dogs and want to please you. These dogs are happy workaholics that need consistent exercise and stimulation to be content.


Border Collies are an adorable breed that is highly sought after for their fluffy ears and striking eye colors. They have a medium, wavy coat that does need brushing every few weeks to prevent it from getting matted and uncomfortable for them.

Border Collies have an athletic but nimble body type that makes them great at playing fetch and other activities. This quick pace and agility is the reason they were so popular as herding dogs on farms and ranches.

Dalmations: The Helpful Hound

A graceful and striking part of the animal kingdom, Dalmations are well-known for their trademark black spots on their white coats. Their fierce loyalty and the beautiful gate, have made them well-known across the world, as well as on the movie screen.

Affection Level

Dalmations lean towards affection, especially with people they have a lot of trust in. They tend to have a protective nature when they are on their home turf. But despite this, they are usually great with strangers and open to interacting with people they may not know well.

Dalmations are very playful and benefit from fun interactive toys, and are decent at keeping themselves entertained when alone. But their fierce loyalty makes them prefer being with their owners over anything. They are super lovey towards their owners, giving lots of kisses and cuddles.

Some Dalmatians can exhibit overprotective behavior and become very territorial. But this is uncommon amongst their family members and typically only geared towards strangers. This is more common in shelter Dalmations, but generally, they are a predominantly friendly breed.


Energy Level

Dalmations are high energy and need a great deal of exercise to be content. They have powerful hind legs that need exercise, or they will become restless and a little annoying. A Dalmation that hasn’t exerted enough energy, both physically and mentally, can become a nuisance at home. A young Dalmation may start gnawing on things if they don't get enough attention and exercise.

Their endurance and powerful legs are the reason they were adopted by fire stations, junkyards, and other working jobs. They have proved to be very helpful in these fields as loyal coworkers.


Dalmatians are well-known for their unique fur. Dalmations have a thin to medium layer of fur that is typically easy to brush and needs little maintenance. Their white coat spotted with black dots has landed them lead roles in big movies like 101 Dalmations, delivering them into America’s homes and hearts.

Their noticeable coat makes them popular for breeders, and they have steady adoption rates. They tend to shed a lot, so consider this when adopting if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Bodacions: A Daring Dog

Bodacions, which are a Border Collie Dalmatian Mix, is a relatively new breed. Because of this, there isn’t too much information available on their temperaments. So it is very important to take into account the temperaments of the parent breeds.

Affection Level

Bodacions are usually very friendly with everyone but can be known to herd small children and other pets because of their Border Collie Ancestry. They are very welcoming to strangers in most situations and are very affectionate with family members.

border collie dalmatian mix

Energy Level

As both of the parent breeds, Bodacions are very high energy and benefit from daily exercise and consistent playing. Especially as puppies, Bodacions are very rambunctious and should go on walks often to tire them out.

But like their parent breeds, Bodacions want to please their owners and respond well to training and other working situations. Due to their predisposition to running and roaming, it is a good idea to have them wear a GPS tracking collar that provides 24/7 location and activity tracking.


Bodacions take on a mix of colors from their parent breeds, including black, white, merle, liver, yellow, or brown, and often show the spots characteristic of Dalmatian coats. Since Dalmatians and Border Collies are both medium-sized breeds, so Bodacions usually weigh no more than 60 pounds fully grown.

They usually have smaller heads and fluffy, floppy ears that are reminiscent of Border Collie ears. Many look like extra fuzzy Dalmatians with a marled coat pattern rather than the distinct spots of Dalmatians.