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Today, we're privileged to interview Missy Redding, one of the devoted people behind Bull luv able Paws Rescue You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

What inspired you to start or become involved with this rescue organization?

Redding: Helping, loving dogs, educating and filling my cup full of tail wagging

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable rescue mission or adoption story that stands out to you?

Redding: Gypsy. She kept getting out of her fence because she was being mauled by the other dogs there. Das kept giving her back and we kept begging to rescue her. After the 4th time, we were able to rescue her! We got her medically sound and even did a facial reconstruction. She lived happily for several years with her amazing foster and adoptive mom.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a rescue organization, and how do you overcome them?

Redding: Donations first, owner surrenders second

How do you select the dogs that your organization takes in, and what criteria do you use for adoption?

Redding: Mostly harder cases, big ortho cases, bad trauma and abuse, and easily adoptable too!

In what ways do you work to rehabilitate and socialize dogs before they are adopted?

Redding: Training, love, patience, guidance, and education to the adoptive pawrent

What role do volunteers play in your organization, and how can people get involved?

Redding: Networking, social networking, medical records, adoption services, foster services, website, graphics, foster pawrent, trainer, admin, board leaders

Can you share some success stories of dogs who were once in your care and have now found loving forever homes?

Redding: There are thousands!! We try hard to make sure our pups fit perfectly so that all of our new home stories are amazing!

How does your organization collaborate with other rescues, shelters, or animal welfare organizations?

Redding: Adoption events, we run a large adoption event called Dog Day or Dallas where we all collaborate Cross network

What initiatives or programs does your rescue have in place to promote responsible pet ownership and prevent pet homelessness?

Redding: Dog Dayz of Dallas

Looking ahead, what are your organization's goals and aspirations for the future?

Redding: To make Dog Dayz of Dallas bigger and better and for more responsible adopters to love our pups!