You are at a friend’s house and you spot the cutest little dog you’ve ever seen. You realize that it looks like a Corgi. But wait, it also has floppy ears and fluffy fur. This must be the Corgi Golden Retriever mix you were told about.

A Corgi Golden Retriever is the name given to the offspring of two purebred parents who are both Corgi and Golden Retrievers. Are you considering adding this special crossbreed to your pups? Or maybe you just want to learn more about them.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know, including the lineage of the parent breeds.

What are Corgis?

Famous for being Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pets, Corgis are a type of dog with small bodies and short legs. They typically stand between 10-12 inches tall at their shoulders and weigh approximately 25 pounds. Their coats vary in color but often include black or brown spots on white or tan coats.

Once bred in Wales for herding hundreds of years ago, Corgis are today kept as companion dogs and pets. They make ideal friends because they love to spend time with their owners and crave affection.

About their personality, Corgis are widely known to be affectionate, playful, fun-loving, and energetic dogs. They are eager to please their owners, but also independent thinkers who do well with training. A corgi's intelligence makes them quick learners who don’t struggle to pick up on commands.

Maybe something to note is that it’s best not to leave Corgis alone for long periods since they often suffer from separation anxiety when left alone in a crate or kennel.


What are Golden Retrievers?

Goldens are strong, medium-sized dogs that originated from Scotland in the late 19th Century. They can grow to a height of about 32 inches and weigh between 55 to 75 pounds. Their bodies are covered with soft, dense fur that can range from light cream to gold or dark amber.

Golden Retrievers are 4th on the list of 2020 most popular dog breeds by American Kennel Club for various reasons, including their affection, athleticism, intelligence, and their ability to adapt to almost all environments. They also make perfect friends with anyone in the family.

The Corgi Golden Retriever Mix

As we stated earlier, a Corgi Golden Retriever mix is the offspring you get after crossbreeding a Corgi with a Golden Retriever. Other people call it Goldie Corgi, Golden Retriever Mix, Corgi Retriever, or Corgi mix.

If you are interested in raising or buying a dog who might be partly Corgi and partly Golden Retriever, it’s important to know what to expect.

The Personality of the Corgi Golden Retriever Mix

Since the Goldie Corgi come from two of the most adorable breeds, expect to have a sweet, playful, caring, and soft-hearted pup. This hybrid dog loves to have fun but can also be stubborn, trying to nip at some people or even herding things.

Nevertheless, the Golden Retriever is a social and friendly dog that gets along well with other dogs and children. Their tail never stops wagging, so you know they’re always in a good mood.

The owners of this hybrid dog say that while some people may think these pets are intimidating because of their long legs and large stature, they turn out to be very cuddly lap dogs that love to snuggle with their families

If you are planning to get one just remember to train them right from puppyhood. Without proper training, these pups will develop some bad habits if you don’t raise them right.

Corgi Golden Retriever Temperament

The Corgi Golden Retriever mix tends to be loyal, friendly, and active. They love to play with children and are very affectionate with people they’re close to. Because of their exuberant personalities, they may not be suitable for homes with small children or more than one other pet (like a cat) because it’s important to introduce them slowly.

Start by introducing them to your backyard so they have plenty of room to run around before bringing them inside your home. If you have another dog in your household, you’ll want to take steps to ensure that they don’t fight over food or toys.

Golden retriever Puppy


These pups come in three different coat types: short-haired, rough, and smooth-coated. They can be black, golden, fawn, red, brown, or tan. To keep your dog’s fur healthy and free of tangles, you’ll need to brush them at least once a week. If you don’t have time for that task, consider taking them for a professional groom instead.


Due to their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners, Goldie Corgis are easy to train. While that isn’t surprising considering how smart they are, what is surprising is that Corgis have a mild temperament and will rarely challenge authority.

However, while training this hybrid dog, you do need to remember that you have to be consistent. Training your dog only once or twice before moving on won’t cut it with these pups.

Taking Care of the Corgi Golden Retriever Mix

If you’re thinking about adopting a Corgi golden retriever mix dog or already have one in your home, then you’ll want to keep these things in mind.

  • Exercise. Since Golden Corgis are energetic dogs, they require at least an hour of playtime and exercise. Luckily, with GPS tracking collars, such as Fi, you don’t have to accompany your pet everywhere for exercise.
  • Feeding. Corgi Retrievers are prone to obesity and lethargy. So, feed them smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.
  • Bathing. Bathe your dog when required. Corgi retrievers have water-resistant skin. Washing them often may affect the natural oils in their skin.
  • Grooming. These hybrid dogs have a thick undercoat and a long topcoat, which you need to brush daily. Moreover, expect to clip their nails at least every two weeks as well as trim their hair around their ears and bell.

The Takeaway

A Corgi Golden Retriever mix is just about as cute as you can get. With her short legs and friendly face, she won't be hard to train to use a litter box or understand basic commands. As long as you're willing to spend some time outside with your pup each day, she'll be happy.