The “Windy City” is a fun and exciting place to visit, but where can you bring your dog? Let us help by sharing our top favorite dog-friendly places to go in Chicago.

top favorite dog-friendly places to go in Chicago

What Can I Do with My Dog in Chicago?

Chicago is a vibrant and ever-growing city, known around the world. It’s a great place to live in or to visit—especially because of how dog-friendly it is. Believe it or not, there are TONS of pet-friendly restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, and hotels in Chicago. If you’d like our “2-cents” about it, these are the best dog-friendly places to visit in Chicago.

top favorite dog-friendly places to go in Chicago

Most Dog-Friendly Parks & Beaches in Chicago

Ready for some outdoor fun with your favorite canine? Whether you’re on vacation, or live in Chicago, there are many dog-friendly parks and beaches you can enjoy with your pup. This list is just a few of the beautiful places to check out with your furry friend. Nervous about losing your dog? Check out the Fi Smart Dog Collar to keep track of your precious pup.

1. Hamlin Dog Park

Hamlin Dog Park is one of the largest in the Chicago area. This park is fully fenced-in with both gravel and paved areas, plus benches and plenty of shade. Hamlin is popular with the locals because of the large L-shaped size, and because there are always plenty of stray tennis balls from the adjacent tennis courts.

2. LakeShore East Dog Park

This dog park will keep your pup happy with it’s soft turf grass, and canine drinking fountain to keep them cooled off and hydrated on hot days. You and your dog can also enjoy the many different pathways offered at this park.

3. Montrose Dog Beach

Montrose Dog Beach was the first off-leash beach in Chicago, and has become a very popular hang out for dog-lovers. This is the perfect place to visit on those hot summer days. You and your furbaby can both splash and play in the water, and you’ll be sure to make lots of dog-loving friends.

Montrose Dog Beach

4. Pooch Park

Pooch Park is a 2.7 acre dog park that is fenced-in and off-leash. There are separate areas for small and large dogs. And this awesome park even has some canine agility equipment. If your dog is the hyper type, this is a great place to use up all that energy.

Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Bars in Chicago

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizzas and Chicago-style hot dogs. It's no wonder there are so many amazingly delicious restaurants to choose from. A lot are pet-friendly these days, but these are our top favorite dog-friendly Chicago restaurants.

1. Antique Taco

Antique Taco is a unique taqueria serving traditional dishes with a modern twist. They have two dog-friendly locations—Wicker Park and Bridgeport. You can get things like Horchata Milkshakes, Fish Tacos, and even a “DIY Crunchy Taco Kit” where you add the toppings as you go. They both have pet-friendly outdoor patios, but the Bridgeport location has 100 seats on their patio—more than enough for you and your pooch.

2. Broken English Taco Pub

Speaking of tacos, Broken English Taco Pub is a dog-friendly Mexican restaurant specializing in street style tacos. They have three locations—The Loop, Old Town, and Lincoln Park. Their atmosphere consists of eclectic artwork painted on every inch of the walls and ceiling. They have delicious food, refreshing margaritas, and an outdoor dining space where four-legged friends are welcome.

3. Formento’s

This popular Italian restaurant has a rustic-modern design on the inside, and offers a spacious, classy patio on the outside. You and your pooch can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful city skyline while chowing down on one of their many delectable dishes.

4. Mott St.

Mott St. is a dog-friendly restaurant with Asian Fusion cuisine. They offer a cozy, quiet outdoor patio garden with picnic style seating. You and your pup can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while you try one of their popular, creative dishes.

5. Paradise Park

Paradise Park serves up some of that wonderful Chicago-style pizza we all love so much! But the best part is being able to eat it out on their spacious patio with your furry best friend. There’s plenty of outdoor seating at tables, in rocking chairs, or on cushions so you can join your pooch on their turf grass-covered floor.

Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in Chicago

Want to know which hotels allow you to bring pets? We’ll do you one better—we’ll tell you some of the BEST hotels that allow you to bring pets. These hotels go above and beyond when it comes to being pet-friendly. Your little furball will definitely get the VIP treatment when you stay at these Chicago hotels.

1. Hotel Lincoln

Hotel Lincoln has modernized its historic building to give you everything you’re looking for in a hotel. They have eclectic furniture, views of Lake Michigan and the city skyline, and on-site restaurants. This dog-friendly hotel does not charge any extra fees for your furbaby. And they even have a Bark in the Park package, which includes “a doggie travel kit, pup treats and a map of other pet-friendly businesses and recreation in the neighborhood.”

2. Kimpton Hotel

The Kimpton Hotel is a great pet-friendly hotel chain. They don’t charge anything for pet guests. And they won’t limit you on the number of pets you bring—or on their size. They’ll also provide you with complimentary pet beds, food and water bowls, mats, and guides to local pet care and pet-friendly restaurants.

3. The Guesthouse Hotel

The Guesthouse Hotel… doesn’t that sound like a place you want to stay? This pet-friendly hotel allows you to bring two pets of any size, and there’s no extra charge. The Guesthouse will provide you with pet beds, water and food bowls, and pets may be left unattended. The best part is that they are located just 7 minutes down the street from the largest dog beach in Chicago—Montrose Dog Beach!

Is Chicago a Dog-Friendly City?

As you can see, there are more than enough dog-friendly beaches, parks, hotels, restaurants, and bars in Chicago. And if you’re ready to plan your visit, you’ll already know some of the many pet-friendly places to try out.