It’s a gorgeous afternoon, and you would love to grab a drink and relax with friends at your favorite spot. However, your four-legged family member has other plans; your dog is also aware of the lovely weather and is pleading for playtime.

Solve your quandary by visiting a dog park bar in your town. Dog park bars are becoming increasingly popular in cities across the country. Here’s what you need to know about this dog-friendly trend.

What are Dog Park Bars?

As the name suggests, dog park bars combine a dog park with a bar. There’s usually a dedicated, fenced-in area where dogs can play with other dogs, along with a bar area that seats and serves customers.

Depending on the facilities at the dog bar, there may be multiple play areas to group dogs together that are most likely to get along.

For example, some dog park bars have a separate space for elderly or less active dogs. Others divide dogs based on size. There may be an indoor space where dogs can play when the weather is bad.

Some dog park bars provide free park entry for dogs with a paying human customer, while others require you to buy a pass for your dog to use the facilities. There may be a membership option that permits regular access to the dog park section of the bar.

Other amenities that dog park bars often have include Wi-Fi, TVs, and climate-controlled areas. There are usually plenty of water fountains available to allow dog owners to offer their pup a drink of water after a vigorous play session.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, some dog park bars serve food, coffee, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Why are Dog Park Bars So Popular?

Dog park bars are popular because they combine our love for our dogs with an inviting setting for drinking, eating, and socializing. A whopping 88 percent of pet owners report that they consider their pets to be part of their family.

It’s only natural that in their free time, pet owners want to enjoy activities that allow them to include their dogs.

A dog park bar provides an excellent opportunity for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs. Socialization is essential for dogs to learn how to react and be comfortable with different situations.

Dogs also have an opportunity for off-leash exercise. This aspect is especially appealing to pet owners who don’t have fenced yards or want to increase their dog’s activity level.

Fluffy cockapoo having the time of his life at the park

What Are Some Popular Dog Park Bars?

While dog bars are sprinkled across the country, there are a few that are famous among pet lovers.

Wagbar, located in Asheville NC, offers a refreshing selection of domestic and craft beers. There are also food trucks and local vendors that sell concessions.

Dogs have 25,000 square feet to play and run. Part of the play area is grass, while the other consists of wood chips.

Bar K, nestled in Kansas City, MO, is located in Berkley Riverfront Park. Bar K is a two-acre dog park that has a dedicated play area for smaller dogs.

While the bar serves cocktails, beer, and wine, customers can also grab a coffee or smoothie. Dogs are welcome to join their humans on the bar’s deck or patio.

The Dog Bar combines a dog park with a sports bar in St. Pete, Florida. There’s a 2,000-square-foot off-leash play area, complete with a bone-shaped pool. With over 20 TVs, the patio area is a popular spot to catch the game.

Or, you can check out the off-leash game room and play a round of pool or darts with your pup by your side.

If your dog needs to rest or prefers a more peaceful setting, there’s also a quiet area for less rambunctious dogs.