Restaurant dining is a great opportunity for you and your dog to bond and is becoming more popular every year. No matter your location, you can usually find pet-friendly restaurants.

But before you head to your local restaurant with your trusty companion, you need to read up on some dog restaurant etiquette to ensure it's a rewarding experience for both of you.

Understand And Accept Your Dog's Personality and Limitations

Is the Restaurant Really Pet-Friendly?

Before heading out to your local restaurant with your pup, you should contact the restaurant to find out whether they are, in fact, a dog-friendly restaurant and inquire about their policies.

Understand And Accept Your Dog's Personality and Limitations

An essential factor in making your doggy dining experience positive for all is to be sure that you understand your dog. And then accept your dog's limitations. Just because you want them to be the perfect dining companion doesn't mean they can or will be.

Take Your Dog For a Test-Run

If you're unsure whether your dog will be restaurant-friendly, why not take him for a test run during the restaurant's slow time of the day.

If it goes well, slowly introduce your pup to busier times of the day. But be careful not to overwhelm them too quickly, or it could be a frustrating experience for both of you.

Stay Out of the Way

Not all people like dogs, and some may be allergic or scared of them. If you bring your dog to a restaurant, try to find a place where they won't bother other guests.

It's also a good idea to avoid bustling areas since your dog could get in the way of waiters or other customers walking by.

Use a Short Leash

Using a short leash will avoid it getting wrapped around chairs and table legs or even other people as they walk by. In addition, using a short leash gives you better control of your dog overall.

Also, do not tie the leash to any chair or table legs, as this can cause a tripping hazard. Instead, loop the leash around your wrist while dining with your dog.

Feed Your Dog Before Going to the Restaurant

A great tip to help your dog's restaurant behavior is to feed him before you go to the restaurant. Your dog will be less inclined to beg for food while you're eating.

Also, be sure you've allowed your dog to potty before entering the restaurant.

Feed Your Dog Before Going to the Restaurant

Bring Their Favorite Busy Toy

Don't forget to bring something to help keep your dog entertained while you're out. For example, your dog's favorite chew toy or a food-filled toy can keep him busy and out of trouble.

Don't Forget to Clean Up

If your dog makes a mess with his water or anything that he was chewing, make sure you clean it up. Don't leave it for the restaurant staff to clean it up.

Restaurant dining with your dog may be just the experience you and your dog would enjoy. Just be sure to always follow proper dog restaurant etiquette so that you and the other guests can all enjoy their dining experience.

Feed Your Dog Before Going to the Restaurant