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Today we got the honor of interviewing Cheri (Dakota's Human). You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a dog influencer? What inspired you to start sharing your dog's adventures on social media?

Grall: We got Dakota from our breeder who suggested to join Instagram so we can stay in touch with the breeder so she can see Dakota's journey.

What do you think sets your dog apart from other dogs on social media? What makes them unique or particularly interesting to your followers?

Grall: I love being on social media to see the other dogs' journeys and for them to see Dakota's adventures each day. Dakota is very photogenic and sits so well as long as treats are involved :) She is both a fashionista and so sporty. She can dress to impress one day and the next doing agility and watching sports with her daddy :)

How do you come up with ideas for your dog's posts and content? Do you have a specific creative process?

Grall: Honestly, I take so many pictures of Dakota and once I take them, I think of ideas of what to do in a reel or post with them.


Have you ever faced any challenges or negativity on social media, and how have you dealt with it?

Grall: No luckily, I have not had to face any challenges or negativity on social media.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own dog influencer account or share their dog on social media?

Grall: I think you have to make sure to have fun! Just worry about showing all the fun adventures you and your dog do each day! Find accounts you love to follow and engage with them :)

How has your dog influenced your life outside of social media?

Grall: She has been such a positive influence with my husband and me. She makes each day happier and you cannot have a bad day when you are with her. She is truly a blessing and the best thing to come home to each day from work 😄

dog influenced your life outside of social media

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or funny moment you've had with your dog during one of your photo shoots or adventures?

Grall: The first snowstorm we had I had booties for her to wear. Even with treats in front of her, she refused to move. She stood still and looked so uncomfortable. She was like a statue and did not move. Once I took them off, she was so happy! So, I sent the boots to one of our Instagram friends and their dog loved them :)

What is your favorite thing about being a dog influencer?

Grall: How the interaction and the dog community are so kind and positive. I have met so many wonderful people during this time.

dog influencer

Lastly, what's next for you and your dog on social media? Any exciting plans or projects in the works?

Grall: Nothing planned, but each day is a new adventure and you just never know what to expect :)