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Today we got the honor of interviewing Nona (George Michael's Human). You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a dog influencer? What inspired you to start sharing your dog's adventures on social media?

Hancock:Hi! My name is Nona, and I've been obsessed with dogs since I was a kid. They bring so much joy to my life, and I want to share that joy with others. I live with my sister, Amy, and her dog, George Michael, who was made for the camera (literally!). George Michael was bought as a puppy by a photographer who was obsessed with Pomskies. He had waited on waitlists for months, but when he finally got him, he was not at all prepared for puppy parenthood. He had no idea how to raise a dog and wasn't interested in learning. When my sister heard he was planning on leaving him in a kennel all day while he was at work, she offered to watch him every day instead. After months, his owner showed no sign of change, and it became clear that George Michael had chosen Amy. She offered to buy him and paid such an exorbitant sum, she renamed him George Michael, a name as extra as his price. We've always joked about creating social media content for him, and this year I finally worked up the courage to share him and the joy he brings online.

What do you think sets your dog apart from other dogs on social media? What makes them unique or particularly interesting to your followers?

Hancock: George Michael has the charm of George Michael the singer and the lovable personality of George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development. He's stunning and goofy in such contrasting ways. He is also very intelligent, and he loves training and helping around the house. My sister and I took him to obedience school to train him, and even though he was the youngest puppy, he was incredibly focused and the fastest to learn new tricks. Training time is still his favorite activity, and he's always ready and willing to work. He's learned to throw away dirty diapers, grab clean ones, and bring anything you drop back to you. He even learned how to hunt down binkies that had fallen in the car during drives. He is also effortlessly beautiful. Over the years, countless people would stop my sister to ask about George Michael (yes, we only call him by his full name), even once on the freeway. His markings are gorgeous, and his stillness and intensity are stunning. Somehow, he never gets dirty. He'll go months without a bath and look exactly the same. He'll come inside covered in mud, and the dirt will just disappear. He is, in a word, otherworldly.

How do you come up with ideas for your dog's posts and content? Do you have a specific creative process?

Hancock: First, I take a bajillion dog videos. So many. This is the easy part. Then I search for trending sounds that pair well with them. Finding the perfect audio can be exhausting, but it's vital for the algorithm to share your posts. One of my favorite parts is timing the clips so they fit just right. I maintain a cohesive style by using similar filters and editing to keep the content consistent. I also like to brainstorm new content and push myself to think creatively and find the content I love making most.

Have you ever faced any challenges or negativity on social media, and how have you dealt with it?

Hancock: I've had a great experience with the dog influencer community. Everyone has been so awesome, and I've made real relationships with other creators that really keep me going. The hardest part of posting for me is when you post something you've worked really hard on, and no one sees it. Learning more about the algorithm has been very eye-opening for me. It's encouraged me to invest in other platforms, and I now have growing accounts on TikTok and Youtube as well.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own dog influencer account or share their dog on social media?

Hancock: Just start! Like many, I felt a lot of pressure to do it right from the beginning, but there are some things you can only learn by doing. By getting started, you learn pretty quickly if it's something that you want to continue, but you won't know until you start. And there's no need to fear negative feedback. There is so much positivity in the dog influencer space. We really support each other. Find people who are starting out like you, and you'll grow together!

How has your dog influenced your life outside of social media?

Hancock: George Michael is a joy to have around. He's so well behaved it's hard to remember he's a dog and not get frustrated when he does the rare dog-like thing. He helps around the house, literally, and helps me appreciate life. He is so beautiful that everyday moments become magical. His quirky personality is so fun to watch. We often end up just staring at him and commenting on his bizarrely soft and silky fur. He's a Pantene Pro-V boi. He's there to cuddle when you want to stay inside, or adventure when you want to be outdoors. He's an 11/10: a handsome, almost-human boi. What more could you want?

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or funny moment you've had with your dog during one of your photo shoots or adventures?

Hancock: George Michael genuinely loves being a dogfluencer. Since starting this account, his mood and relaxation have improved drastically, and he was pretty chill to begin with. He loves training and having videos taken of him, and all the extra attention and appreciation has made him so happy. He's such a diligent and hardworking boi; we joke that he is a little soldier boi. He truly feels like this is his job and his way to serve his family. As crazy as it sounds, you can tell he takes his job very seriously. I made a video for a pet hair lint roller early on, and he let me put a shirt on him and pretend he was using the lint roller in multiple shots. He'd never done something like this before. He was so confused, but he wanted to do the right thing so bad. He has a Husky spirit in a Pomeranian body, and his content is his sled. Now if we drop *anything* on the ground (or set down intentionally), he will bring it to us with an intensity reserved for Def Con level situations. I'm not sure if other influencers feel the same way, but having this account and seeing it grow each week has given us a newfound level of love, understanding, and appreciation for who he really is and his contribution to our family. (And as I'm writing this, he just brought me a shoe.)

What is your favorite thing about being a dog influencer?

Hancock: My favorite thing about being a dog influencer is having a legitimate excuse to take all the amazing photos and videos I have of my dogs, and to find new places and adventures to take them. It's helped me to think creatively and spend more time in nature and appreciate the simple, slow moments. In the last few months, I've learned more than I could imagine about George Michael, content creation, social media, and more. I'm so grateful for the encouragement to record this magical life I have with George Michael. I love the videos I make, and if that is all I'll get from this endeavor, it's worth it.

Lastly, what's next for you and your dog on social media? Any exciting plans or projects in the works?

Hancock: I'm excited to add longer videos to George Michael's Youtube this week. I've also creating new content that combines the beauty of cinematography and magic of dog life. I've loved the Dogstagram community and am looking forward to converting many more to our cause. #dogappreciationnation