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Today we got the honor of interviewing Devon (Ollie's Human). You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a dog influencer? What inspired you to start sharing your dog's adventures on social media?

Croke: I always had dogs growing up and loved recording and sharing the adventures they took with my friends and family!! When I got my own dog (Ollie) he was just the perfect little light I wanted to share with the world. Everything he did was so precious & funny I started posting for myself and then people started following and messaging us about how much Ollie makes them smile!

What do you think sets your dog apart from other dogs on social media? What makes them unique or particularly interesting to your followers?

Croke: I think that Ollie has such a specific personality, and when we named his account "Ohhh Ollie," because everything he does, we are always like OH OLLIE!! because it is so funny and specific to who he is. I feel like people relate to us because I don't try to get crazy with the posts, just share the real us throughout our days!! I also think being in the city helps to showcase his journeys especially with his best friends!

How do you come up with ideas for your dog's posts and content? Do you have a specific creative process?

Croke: Myself - I basically record everything he does already. He loves walks, time with his brother who also lives in the city, playing games in the apartment, and then just funny stuff he does.

Have you ever faced any challenges or negativity on social media, and how have you dealt with it?

Croke: Honestly not much!! There are a few that send some hateful things, and I either don't respond or if I do, it is "I am sorry you feel that way; next time I will think about that."

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own dog influencer account or share their dog on social media?

Croke: Don't care!! Just embrace yourself and do whatever makes you and your dog happy - people will have opinions no matter what you do!!

How has your dog influenced your life outside of social media?

Croke: Omg...I don't even remember my life without Ollie!! He is the best thing ever. I got him during a very traumatic time, and he has helped me emotionally and mentally!! He is my companion, and I love him so much - also made me more active and patient :)

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or funny moment you've had with your dog during one of your photo shoots or adventures?

Croke: I think there are so many, but one that continues throughout all of his videos or photos is I feel like he legit poses. I will put a hat on him or an outfit, and he just sits there waiting for the pics with a big smile ahahaha as if he knows!!

What is your favorite thing about being a dog influencer?

Croke: The friends we have met and seeing Ollie get amazing treats and toys from brands!

Lastly, what's next for you and your dog on social media? Any exciting plans or projects in the works?

Croke: We have a few collabs coming up - other than that just enjoying his little life together and excited for warmer weather!!