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Today we got the honor of interviewing Eva (Zeus's Human). You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a dog influencer? What inspired you to start sharing your dog's adventures on social media?

Capilla: I started it accidentally, years ago cell phones were not so good and if you changed your phone you lost all the photos, I made an Instagram so as not to lose them and suddenly a lot of people started following me and they were very interested in my trips and adventures...

What do you think sets your dog apart from other dogs on social media? What makes them unique or particularly interesting to your followers?

Capilla: I think it's because I always teach and tell the truth. I'm always natural.

How do you come up with ideas for your dog's posts and content? Do you have a specific creative process?

Capilla: I upload day by day, when I feel like it. Sometimes I stop to think that it might help someone and then I explain it.

Have you ever faced any challenges or negativity on social media, and how have you dealt with it?

Capilla: Yes, at first I had a lot of hate. they wrote me “poor dog”, “this is the one thing i was leave to see”, “a dog in Instagram...”, when I started there were not many dog ​​profiles.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own dog influencer account or share their dog on social media?

Capilla: Let him do it to save a memory, like a diary. Don't do it to get free things or followers. Because what matters to you is then seeing all the memories and moments created together.

How has your dog influenced your life outside of social media?

Capilla: He is my soulmate. He is very good and loves to pose. I don't notice the difference, outside of social networks we are a normal family with a lot of love

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable or funny moment you've had with your dog during one of your photo shoots or adventures?

Capilla: We were walking along the bank of a river, when Zeus saw another dachshund on the other side of the river. Zeus tried to run towards him to play until he realized that there was a river separating them and and he was confused when he could not cross

What is your favorite thing about being a dog influencer?

Capilla: Being able to show his adventures and help others.

Lastly, what's next for you and your dog on social media? Any exciting plans or projects in the works?

Capilla: Aside from the fact that I just became an ambassador for a wonderful brand, my next travel adventures are going to be very interesting. 😜