"Does My Dog Need An Escape Proof Dog Collar?"

It's a simple answer - yes! Whether your dog is outdoors all day or mostly indoors, every dog needs a collar that their owner can rely on to keep them safe. Accidents can happen at any moment, so it's important to make sure that your dog is equipped with a durable, high quality collar that will keep that attached to leash, or if they happen to run off, will hold their ID tags so strangers can identify them.

A German Shepherd runs towards the camera.

What Is An Escape Proof Dog Collar?

An "escape proof" dog collar is one that will stay on no matter the circumstance. This is important for walks and for identification in case your dog ever runs off. The ID tags on your dog's collar may be one of the only things to help reunite you with your dog, so without an escape proof collar for them to attach do, their chances of reuniting with their family will be drastically reduced.

Meet the Fi GPS Dog Collar.

This collar is not only escape proof, but even prevents your dog from escaping! Fi offers GPS location and activity tracking so you can check in on your dog at any given time through the app on your phone.

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Fi also offers a Safe Zone feature, so you can place a perimeter around your home and you'll be notified anytime they leave the area. This feature is what makes the Fi collar "escape-proof" - not only is the collar itself durable for all of your dog's adventures, but will literally tell you if your dog tries to escape so you can grab them before they're able to run off too far!

Tactipup Extreme Tactical Dog Collar

For the ultimate escape-proof dog collar, pair the tracking abilities of your Fi module with the durability and strength of a Tactipup collar band! Tactipup is one of Fi's Makers - meaning can you select the Fi compatible option on their website and attach your Fi module directly to the collar band.

Tactipup collars are insanely strong, made with metal AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles that are rated at 2,000 lbs of pull force. Each collar is also made with military grade webbing. If you're looking for a durable collar that will stay on through thick and thin, then this is for you!