In early June, Indie the rescue dog made the news when she escaped from the Upper West Side and bolted through the Midtown Tunnel.

As Fi Founder and CEO Jonathan Bensamoun told, “When we saw Indie’s story, we reached out to Heather right away to send her a Fi collar. Should another escape occur, Heather will now be notified right away and see Indie’s location as a dot on a map for easy recovery. Every dog parent deserves to be empowered to keep their best friend safe through technology. Our ultimate goal is to prevent this heartache from ever happening to millions of dog owners. There’s over 100 million dogs in the U.S., and less than 1 million smart collars have been sold. People simply don’t know that ‘Find My Friends’ for your dog already exists.”

Heather with Indie at MTA press conference

Heather thanked us at her press conference with the MTA, stating, "Thanks for the Fi GPS tracker that they sent to me the day after she was found. She will wear that every second of her life."