The Martingale collar prevents dogs from pulling on their leash in a safe, humane way. Originally designed for breeds such as greyhounds and whippets, whose necks are wider than their heads - to keep them from slipping out of their collars. Turns out, it's a great choice for any dog who may not be the ideal walking companion.

A Martingale is constructed with a large collar loop (like a traditional collar) with ends that instead attach to a smaller loop - which gets tighter when a pup pulls on the leash. This new addition to the Fi product line means we’re adding an extra layer of protection for those pups who aren’t in love with their leash.

“I'm a big fan of martingale collars, 3 of my dogs wear them. For dogs who need them, they are much more comfortable, effective, and humane than a classic training or prong collar.” - Dr. Jeff Werber

Take a closer look at the Fi Martingale band here - and tag us in your IG posts once your pup has received theirs!