Joining the ranks of Fi users means you're among some incredibly noteworthy company. Dive into our special feature where we reveal some well-known faces from late-night TV, sports stars to the big screen, all united by one thing: their love for their dogs and the Fi collar.

Tank Sweeney is known for lavishing her owner, Sydney Sweeney of 'Euphoria' fame, with tons of kisses.

Check out Tank strutting her Fi Collar in beautiful New York City

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Photo credit: @sydney_sweeney

Check out some of our other Fi-celebrities.

Gary Fallon, Jimmy Fallon's dog, and magazine cover star.

Photo credit: People Magazine

Lou Lou Palmer, an adorable Aussie Doodle, is often spotted snuggling up beside her dad, Jesse Palmer, the host of 'The Bachelor

Photo credit: @jessepalmer

Penny Bergmann, a cherished member of 'The Challenge' star Wes Bergmann's pack.

Photo credit: @westonbergmann

Rook McGough, water-loving pup of Green Bay Packers QB Alex McGough.

Photo credit: @alexmcgough12

Waffles Fine, Rottweiler pup of Celebrity Trainer Alex Fine. Yeah, they're both in great shape.

Photo Credit: @alexfine44

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank keeps her whole crew of rescue pups in Fi Collars.

Photo Credit: @hilaryswank

Forever Reddy, dog of Queer Eye Season 1 Star Neal Reddy.

Leo Bubba Love, Mini Bernedoodle belonging to Seattle Seahawks player Julian Love.

Photo Credit: @leoblove

Celebrities understand the importance of staying connected with their pups as well! That's precisely why their dogs are outfitted with Fi Collars. Enjoying the high life and consistently surpassing their daily step goals, life is indeed sweet for a Fi Dog.