Fi users, you’re in good company. From Late Night Hosts to NFL Quarterbacks, check out these celebrities with pups in the Fi Family!

  1. Gary Fallon, Jimmy Fallon's dog, and magazine cover star:
Photo credit: People Magazine

2. Rook McGough, water-loving pup of Houston Texans QB Alex McGough:

3. Waffles Fine, Rottweiler pup of Celebrity Trainer Alex Fine. Yeah, they're both in great shape:

Photo Credit: @alexfine44

4. Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank keeps her whole crew of rescue pups in Fi Collars:

5. Forever Reddy, dog of Queer Eye Season 1 Star Neal Reddy:

6. Leo Bubba Love, Mini Bernedoodle belonging to NY Giants player Julian Love:

Photo Credit: @leoblove

Celebrities need to keep track of their pups, too! That's why these K9s rock Fi Collars. Living large and beating their daily step goals, life's good for a celebrity Fi Dog.