Sometimes, on a busy day time can just fly by, and, before you know it, it’s dark out and your pup really needs some exercise. While you may prefer to have done this earlier on in the day when the sun was out, it’s too late now and it’s time to stroll!

We know your dog may be happy just to have some fresh air, but there are some cautions when taking the fur-baby out after dark, and this goes for both if you’re in the city or somewhere more rural.

It’s imperative that everyone is able to see your dog, even if they’re on a leash. Although you can sense danger, or see an oncoming car, your dog - or even worse, the drive - may not be able to. So, it’s always recommended that you do as much as you can to address these potential issues before they arrive.

The most important thing you can do here is help your pup be noticed, and be seen by everyone. If everyone is aware of your dog and able to see them, then there is much less chance of you experiencing any potential danger.

What’s the best way for your dog to be seen? By using a glow in the dark dog collar!

Don’t know which to choose? We’ve vetted them all and put together a list of the best possible options for you! Take a look below:

Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is our favorite glow in the dark dog collar as it’s the only dog collar here that offers you more than just the LED light.

In our introduction, we talked about the various potential dangers of walking your pooch late at night. One of which is that it’s much harder to find them in the dark if they got lost or walked out of your sight. The Fi Smart Collar helps overcome this by doubling up as a GPS tracker that actually shows you your dog’s location on your phone. This means, that if your pup was ever to roam too far, you could simply take out your smartphone, open up the Fi app and immediately know where they are.

In terms of glowing in the dark, Fi lets you choose from over 6 different color settings for your collar light - meaning that there’s a color for all your dog’s moods and styles!

And the light can be activated from just the touch of a button on your smartphone, meaning you can also turn it on and off remotely.

Blazin’ LED Dog Collar

The best thing about this glow in the dark dog collar? Its long distance visibility.

The Blazin LED collar has an astonishing visibility distance of over 300 yards, which is there to ensure your pup is truly unnoticeable when you’re out on a walk late at night. It also gives you added peace of mind to let them walk slightly further ahead of you than usual, which is always a bonus.

On top of the distance, this glow in the dark collar comes in a multitude of color options, including: green, blue, pink, amber, purple, red and more. This means that whatever your taste and style, they’ll be sure to have an option for you.

These collars do needs to be charged, so make sure to do that often and before you head out on your walk, as the last thing you want to happen is for the battery to run out while you’re out. When fully charged, the light will shine for around 8 hours.

If it Barks Glow in Dark Waterproof Collar

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use glow in the dark collar, then the If It Barks collar is for you. As opposed to LED light collars, these are reflective collars, meaning that in the dark they will light up and reflect light such as car headlights when it is shone on them.

That makes these a little more stealthy than your standard LED collar, and it also means that you don’t have to charge them to use the glow in the dark feature. They will always be ready to use in that respect.

Another benefit of these collars is their great personalization! As you can see from the picture above, they offer a range of colors and engravings for your dog’s name, emergency phone number and a note alongside it.

The buckles on these collars are also quick release, which give you added peace of mind. Quick release buckles are designed to prevent the worst of accidents, as they can be unbuckled and opened with just one click. For example, if your dog’s collar was to ever get caught on a branch or a fence and they were in trouble, this buckle could be opened with just a quick clip.

Noxgear Lighthound

The only harness on our list, the Noxgear Lighthound is a great option if you have a small dog or they find collars uncomfortable. With 4 sizes and a wide adjustment range within each one, this harness is the right match for any sized pup.

Being on the body of a dog, we all know that harnesses are also more prone to rough and tumble, and need to be durable. Noxgear have addressed this by using high-strength stitching and reinforced stitching patterns. The harness is also machine washable so it can stay dirt free.

As well as using a reflective material, the collar is able to glow in the dark through their LED light at the top of the harness and the light strips going down the sides. These last up to 12 hours, helping to give your pup maximum visibility in the dark. They also have 8 solid color options available, letting you choose the most suitable glow for you and your fur-baby.

Ziggy LED Dog Collar

The cheapest and most affordable of any glow in the dark dog collar on this list, the Ziggy LED Collar costs only $14.99.

Another collar with an LED light on it, the Ziggy Collar also gives you more control over the light itself. With three different flash modes, you can choose between a Quick Flash, Slow Flash and Steady Light. Meaning you can flip between them whenever the situation is fit for a certain mode.

The collar also comes with a rechargeable USB cable, so you don’t need to worry about using your own cable. And the collar has been designed to use materials that are lightweight and comfortable for your dog, so they won’t have any problems wearing it when they’re out on their late night walk or run!

As you can see, there’s lots of different options when looking for a glow in the dark dog collar. Between a reflective collar, a harness or an LED light, there are options for every pup.

We recommend the Fi Smart Collar for it’s added peace of mind thanks to the GPS tracking, but take a look at all the options and see what’s right for your dog and your situation. With the right decision making, late night walks will no longer be an activity of worry for your pooch!