Desperate times call for desperate measures. These dog parents didn't let anything get in their way when it came to making sure their dogs were groomed and looking their best. Unfortunately, grooming seems to be one of those things that should definitely be left to the professionals....

#1 - This Pom's mom may have been just a little heavy handed with the scissors. Don't worry buddy - fur grows back!

IG: @bossmash

#2 - Don't listen to what anybody tells you - YOU. LOOK. GREAT.

IG: @sadiefinchum

#3 - We all have bad hair days, right?

IG: @tial99

#4 - It may not be the best cut, but at least he's working it!

IG: @opiedoodledoo

#5 - This owner was in for a big surprise when she found out there's actually a dog beneath all that fluff!!


#6 - Hey Chris Evans, we mean this is the best way - stick to your day job as an actor. We think your dog will appreciate it.

IG: @chrisevans

#7 - Dog Grooming: It's not for everybody!

Twitter: @hollyhopkins_

#8 - Anybody else getting some Lord Farquaad vibes here?

Twitter: @dottyteapot1

To sum it up, this quarantine has definitely given all of us dog parents a new appreciation for groomers.