With the holiday just around the corner, it only makes sense to get your pet into the spirit of the season with your choice of the best Halloween dog collars. While some owners think of it as a one-time purchase, you can swap out your pup’s regular one for something more appropriate for the time of year. Luckily, you'll find plenty of ones from which to choose.

Your run-of-the-mill collar will probably cost between $5–$20. Of course, the sky is the limit if you want to indulge your pet with something special. Our round-up will show you what’s available so that your dog can make his own holiday statement.

The greatest part of this list is that all of these collars are available for purchase in your standard collar style, or can be upgraded to attach your Fi tracking device! Halloween night is dark and spooky - Fi allows you to safely track your dog throughout the night, count how many steps they take as they steal go from house to house, and even has a built in LED light for safer nighttime trick or treating.

Things to Consider When Buying a Collar

Your dog’s comfort is probably your priority when choosing a collar. The last thing you want is for it to chaff his neck. We suggest looking for soft, rounded edges, whether you choose a leather, nylon, or polyester product. The closure is another essential feature. The most popular one you’ll see is a buckle type. Another option is the quick-release. It’s a smart choice if you have an escape artist for a pet.

Be sure to measure your dog’s neck before you buy. Add 2 inches extra so that the collar has some give. Since many of these products have vibrant designs, we suggest finding out if they are water-resistant or waterproof to make sure that the colors don’t bleed if they get wet. You should also check whether the collar is washable. Other features to look for include:

  • Usability
  • Durability
  • Sizing
  • Design

Zaley Designs Purple Skulls Dog Collar

The Zaley Designs Purple Skulls Dog Collar covers all the Halloween bases with a design that screams for attention. This one is handmade, so every collar is unique. It is hand-sewn with multiple layers of materials for added durability and strength. You can get it with either silver or gold hardware. The collar comes in five sizes up to 22 inches long.

Zaley Designs Black and White Ghosts Dog Collar

The Zaley Designs Black and White Ghosts Dog Collar is another riff from this company with an eye-catching design that is perfect for the holiday. The features are the same as the previous product. It’s worth noting that you can also get a matching leash and keychain with your purchase. You can also choose between a buckle or Martingale—no-slip—closure.

FKN Pretty Halloween Dog Collars

The FKN Pretty Fi Compatible Dog Collar is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something edgy. It comes with your pick of 16 designs (including 3 halloween designs) and five sizes up to 29 inches long. You also have your choice of a standard buckle or Martingale closure.

Clive & Bacon Pupkin Spice Dog Collar

Nothing says fall than a delicious pumpkin spice latte, making the Clive & Bacon Pupkin Spice Dog Collar an excellent choice. The pattern features elements of the season, including that hot cup of joe. The material is nylon webbing and comes in four sizes with a maximum length of 26 inches. It has a quick-release closure to keep it on your little Houdini.

Clive & Bacon Pupkin Spice Dog Collar

Hypnotic Dog Spellbound Bead Collar

The Hypnotic Dog Spellbound Bead Collar is an ideal choice if you want your pup to be styling. The orange and purple beads set the right tone for the holiday. The best thing about this product is the number of choices you have for the closure, type, and materials. They are, well, spellbinding. You can also get a matching keychain or bracelet for yourself to match.

tan and white dog wearing and orange and purple halloween dog collar

Hypnotic Dog Rainbow Skull Candy Bead Collar

The Hypnotic Dog Rainbow Skull Candy Bead Collar gets into the holiday spirit with a fitting design that will turn heads—literally! The features are the same as the previous product. You can get it in a buckle-style, Martingale chain, or slip-on style. You needn’t worry about this collar breaking, either, with its 320-pound tensile strength wire.

Hypnotic Dog Rainbow Skull Candy Bead Collar

Banded Pines Candied Harvest Dog Collar

The Banded Pines Candied Harvest Dog Collar is a high-quality product that is worthy of being an everyday item. The orange and white design is timeless. The choices with a D-ring are made of airplane-grade aluminum for durability. The collar is polyester-based canvas made of recycled materials for an eco-friendly purchase. It comes with a lifetime warranty that justifies the price tag.

orange plaid dog collar for halloween

Final Thoughts

Getting a Halloween dog collar for your pup is a fun way to celebrate the season in style. As you can see, there are many options, ranging from classic designs to cutting-edge ones that make a statement. You can also add a matching leash to complete the look with several of the products we reviewed. Coordinating accessories for you give new meaning to the couple’s costume!