Before we had high-tech GPS collars to help us find lost dogs in real time, we had microchips. Over the years, these grain of rice-sized devices have been likened to an ID tag that can’t fall off.

There’s a lot that dog owners need to know about this tiny piece of technology, so we’re walking you through everything you need to know, including how much it costs to microchip a dog:

What Is A Microchip?

Microchipping is important because it’s a permanent form of identification that can never be removed or easily altered. Using a syringe, they’re inserted just below your pup’s skin and typically between their shoulder blades and can make a world of difference at the worst of times.

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Can You Track A Dog With A Microchip?

Here’s the kicker: you can’t track your dog with a microchip.

Similar to a collar ID tag, your dog must be found by someone, the microchip must be scanned for a serial number, the serial number must be searched online (normally in the universal database, for contact information, and then that person must contact you to let you know they found your dog.

If we stay with the analogy of an ID tag, in order for this process to happen successfully, your microchip must be filled out with information that helps the finder contact you - the same way you need to engrave your dog’s ID tag at those fun machines in the pet store. Without the right registration information, a microchip is useless. So, you should always update your microchip information if it changes, and you should never pay for your microchip registration.

How Much Does A Microchip Cost?

Let us say that again. You should never pay for your microchip registration.

Fi Nano includes one of the only 100% free for life microchip registrations - other microchip registrations get users to pay by offering low-value extra features through “premium” memberships. Fi Nano is open and free for life. We see microchips as a basic responsibility for a dog owner that should never have a cost barrier.

Where Can You Get A Microchip For Your Dog?

If your pup is not microchipped yet, have your vet apply for a free sample at and we’ll send them a box at no cost, and they can use one of the chips for you.

Your pup already has a chip? Good news - once your vet is a Fi Nano partner, they can help you register your non-Fi chip completely for free on our database. Have them apply at, and we’ll send them an email to walk them through it in addition to sending a free sample box.

Welcome to the microchip for the modern dog owner - thanks for giving your pup the best chance of never being lost.