At some point in your dog's life, your vet will probably prescribe them medicine to clear up an illness they may be experiencing. Unfortunately, giving a dog a pill is not as easy as it sounds!

There are a couple of ways you can get your dog to take a pill - the first being wrapping it up in some food! Pill pockets or even a piece of cheese or scoop of peanut butter can be enough to mask the taste/smell of a pill.

pill pocket for dogs

If your dog is smart enough to figure out that trick, Dr. Jeff has his own easy way of doing it! Check out his demonstration below:

In Dr. Jeff's method, the first step is to give your dog some love and make them feel comfortable! If you start off nervous or too restricting, your dog will catch on to that, making it more difficult to finish the rest of the process.

Next, you'll want to place your thumb between their top and bottom teeth to try to open their mouth. Once open, put some pressure on the roof of their mouth to keep it open. With their mouth open, tilt their head back and drop the pill down the center, towards the back of their mouth. Your goal is to aim the pill right towards their throat - if it lands on their tongue or cheek, your dog may be able to spit it out.

If you aim it perfectly and your dog swallows it, you're done! Otherwise, you can drop it in, close their mouth, and gently blow on their nose. This triggers them to swallow the pill!

It's not easy, so don't get discouraged if it take a couple tries! Hopefully after a few times, you and your dog will become pros and this daunting task will be quick and easy.