While practicing social distancing and sheltering in place, it can be difficult to ensure your pup is getting enough exercise each day. So, we asked a few of our Fi Fam members how they are staying active. Here are a few of their top tips:

  • “We are finding creative ways to keep our pups active by playing hide and seek in our house, doing scent work in the backyard, and changing up our route for daily walks. Doing these little things have kept all of us sane while sheltering in place!” @abbieandgunner
  • "Nose work games! There’s so many awesome puzzle games that involve hiding treats and having pups work to find them. We find that these are super stimulating for Bao and keep him from getting bored when we’re stuck inside for extended periods of time. We also find empty open fields to run around in! Since dog parks are a bit risky right now, we have been seeking out empty open spaces so that Bao can run off his energy." @bao.doodle
  • "During our shelter in place, we’ve been exercising in the backyard, mostly in our pool! Baloo loves to swim, so we’ve been swimming some laps together as well as playing water fetch. We’re getting tan, staying fit, and tiring our puppy out all at the same time!" @bully.baloo
  • "We're swapping runs at the park for obedience drills and scent work inside our apartment. Another way we're keeping Cooper moving is by taking in a foster pup! Given everyone is working from home right now, there's no better time to foster or adopt a dog from a local rescue." @coopertakesbrooklyn
  • “While exploring every little nook and cranny in our neighborhood, we are multi-tasking and trying to master the obedient walk.  Between this focus activity and learning tons of new tricks, we’re all exhausted at the end of each day!” @Drakelovespippa
  • “To keep her active, we do a lot of training in the house. By focusing on full body skills (such as bow, spin, and orbit, just to name a few), it allows her to exercise her mind and body at the same time. To get the majority of her steps in, we practice her recall. Another fun idea we’ve been doing is hiding her favorite toys around the house so she can run to find them and bring them back!” @helperdognala  
  • “We are going on longer walks and checking out new areas in our neighborhood and more often to keep active and get some fresh air. It is a great way for us to up our breed rankings as well!” @pharrellandrosie
  • “Although we’ve been missing our favorite beaches and trails, we have been keeping busy with some backyard agility! We ordered a set online and plan on adding to it! Riley also stays active playing with her Staffie sister and learning new tricks!” @rileythemal
  • “Trick training not only is fun but works your pup mentally and physically. Using a clicker and some treats, your pup will learn fun tricks" @TheSuperCollies
  • “Now is the perfect time to get more active with your pet! Find a lightly trafficked trail near you, a local park or even just a big open field open to the public. At home, try some enrichment activities with your dog like doing a scent hunt or teaching new tricks." @von.jakoba

Dogs are great at keeping us company, especially during these unprecedented times. We love that our Fi Fam is using this time to learn new tricks, explore their neighborhoods, and take full advantage of their homes and backyards. If you have a unique exercise you’ve been doing with your pup, share it on Instagram and use #fidogs so we can see!