These past months, humans have been figuring out at-home exercise routines. 2020 was a year of creativity in many aspects (although forced), and our dogs deserve the same treatment! Agility courses provide physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. The Fi team pulled together the best DIY agility course obstacles using things you likely have lying around the house. Fit for both apartment dwellers who are limited on space as well as those blessed with a backyard, these tools will come in handy indoors on a rainy day or outside when the weather is clear. No matter where you live or what your space is like, your dog deserves a fun agility course.

2 baskets + 1 broom handle =  the hurdle jump challenge.

A hula hoop is quite literally great for ‘jumping through hoops’. Plus, you can hang it from a tree for hands-free fun.

Bust out the pool noodles for a quick obstacle course - this is common for kids, and dogs are just kids with four legs!

Should you have ski poles hiding in the attic, they’re a perfect dupe for weave poles in the yard.

Build a tunnel from everything in your dining room: drape the tablecloth, or a sheet, over the backs of four chairs turned away from one another. Pro tip: also great for an adult fort.

Stairs, The Final Frontier. Finish off your at-home agility course with a trip up or down the stairs to the final prize, your dog’s favorite treat!

Combine these DIY obstacles for a full course, or try them out individually to get your pup comfortable with the new challenges. If you have any DIY tips for other Fi owners - email to submit them!