Our smart dog collar just got smarter. Fi Series 2 is built on our original value: empowering parents to give their dogs their best lives.

Fi Series 2

Fi Series 2 comes with a 400% improvement in antenna signal sensitivity, for more reliable network connection. The Series 2 can now withstand 300 lbs of pull force and directly connects to any Wifi Network - which saves energy and extends battery life. Series 2 leverages these new Wifi signals to strengthen our escape detection engine, using all network signals to quickly detect and notify owners of an escape. Fi Series 2 is our new standard, so when you order a Fi - you’re getting the newest module with the latest capabilities.

What sets Fi Series 2 apart?

  • Longer Battery Life and Better Signal Coverage due to low power wifi integration directly into the module.
  • Faster and more reliable escape detection due to Wifi signal integration in escape heuristics.
  • Seamless Travel Capability to connect to dog boarding facilities, daycare, RVs and other away-from-home scenarios.
  • Improved Antenna - 4x increase in antenna sensitivity for better location tracking in remote areas.
  • Launching with the Fi Makers program where dog owners can shop an extended selection of styles and materials.
  • Reinforced Hardware resistant to ~300 lbs of pull force with end to end metal framing.

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