Introducing: Fi Series 3

The Fi Series 3 is the smartest tech ever built for your dog.

  • Smallest smart device ever designed for dogs (0.4 in.)
  • Stronger - Stainless steel structure to withstand over 400lbs of pull force.
  • More styles - Scribble design inside or outside of the band, and 100s of Fi Makers models available.
  • More waterproof - IP68 and IP66K rated. The highest ever achieved in the category.
  • Better signal - New antennas to keep your dog safe everywhere.
  • All of your favorite Fi features will still be available - up to three months battery charge, activity & sleep tracking, Fi’s Strain Score, and social network.

Click here to order your Fi Series 3.

"Every year, millions of dogs are separated from their owners in the U.S., Fi has now reunited tens of thousands of dogs with their families," said Jonathan Bensamoun, Fi founder and CEO. "With the Series 3 reaching a level of miniaturization making it available to all breeds, we’re proud to provide safety and peace of mind to millions of more families across the country."