Looking to upgrade your pup’s neckwear? Or are you searching for your very first? A hard-wearing and durable leather dog collar is a great option for your pet –– not only for aesthetic reasons, but because they are made from one of nature’s longest-lasting, organic, and breathable materials.

Not only that, unlike other textiles, leather only gets better with age thanks to the naturally occurring oils secreted from your dog’s coat that, over time, softens and improves the leather hide. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are our picks for the best leather dog collars available:  

  1. Foxmoth

Handcrafted from genuine leather, the collars from Foxmoth are available with an optional stamp pattern, making them durable AND distinctive –– just like your dog. All Foxmoth leather collars are made-to-order according to size and feature 1" to 1.5" width options. But best of all, they are also completely compatible with the Fi GPS unit (sold separately)

2. Sexy Beast Dog Collars

Best Leather Dog Collars

This colorful option from Sexy Beast Dog Collars features a playful and vibrant woven jacquard in a bright floral pattern. Named after the very first dog to purchase it, the “Jellie” dog collar comes with a variety of add-on options, including leather lining color, closure buckles and chains, and the choice of single or double leather.  

3. Bark & Willow

Rugged, yet regal, the leather Fi-compatible dog collars from Bark & Willow are some of the most attractive on the market. Available in a variety of sizes (standard up to x-large), the Americana model comes with a distinctive wine-colored leather band and navy blue keeper, plus sleek sliver hardware decked in stars; while the more classic Two-Tone model lets you choose your colors –– pair soft eucalyptus or ivory with forest green or dark brown for a uniquely stylish collar.  

4. finn + me

Made from genuine imported Italian leather and featuring hand-stamped rivets, zinc alloy buckle and D-rings, the finn + me Fi Collar is another stylish option. With bands designed and manufactured in a luxury leather factory in NYC, you know that the quality will be second to none. But most importantly, the super-chic collars –– available in a range of colors, including lipstick red, peony pink, navy blue, and camouflage –– are all compatible with the Fi GPS unit (also sold separately). All are available in sizes x-small to large.

5. Ripley & Rue

If you and your pup are a little bit more expressive, you might want to try the eye-popping, punk-tastic dog collar options from Ripley & Rue. Ethically made from sleek vegan leather (completely water-resistant) and featuring elevated gold hardware, these 1” wide, premium quality collars are designed to fit a wide range of dogs (sizes include small to large) and come in three unique colors, including midnight black, teal, and punk pink. Simply pop in your dog's Fi GPS unit and pair it with an optional hands-free leash and/or harness.

6. Gianni Cooling

The customizable leather dog collars from Gianni Cooling are, simply put, very cool. Made from naturally tanned genuine leather sustainably sourced directly from Europe and the USA, these eco-friendly, chemical-free options feature reinforced stress points and 100% solid brass hardware. Not only do they come available in a variety of colors, but also an expansive range of sizes –– from x-small all the way to x-large. The Rainbow model, like the others in the Fi Collar Band range, is completely customizable, however, there are literally hundreds of color combinations to choose from for monogramming. Each collar fits seamlessly around the Fi GPS unit.    

6. Logical Leather

Logical Leather

Handcrafted from genuine full-grain leather, this high-quality leather collar is sturdy, water-resistant, and stays securely fastened around your dog's neck thanks to its heavy-duty metal clasp and leash ring –– both of which are designed to resist strong pulling. Perfect for training new pups, the comfortable and padded split leather lining is extra comfortable and comes available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Like people, just about every dog is different –– in both shape and size –– so it’s important to ensure that your pup has a collar that is both secure and comfortable. Below is a general guide to outfitting your dog for its very own collar. To achieve the most accurate fit, all you need to do is measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape (like a tailor's tape):

  • Begin by wrapping the measuring tape a few inches down from your dog’s head –– you can add about 1 inch for very small dogs or two inches for medium to large dogs.
  • Pull the tape firmly (not tightly) around the neck –– if you do not have a soft/cloth tape measure, you can substitute with a piece of string and then measure the string with a solid ruler or yardstick.
  • Make sure that there is enough room left over to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and its collar. Additionally, you can measure your dog’s neck and add two inches.
  • With the collar properly fit around your dog’s neck, you should be able to slide two fingers comfortably underneath. Any more than two fingers and you likely need a smaller-sized collar.

Typical sizing for (proper fitting) dog collars is as follows:

- X-Small (8" – 11")

- Small (10" – 15")

- Medium (14" – 19”)

- Large (18" – 24")

- X-Large (20" – 29")

There you have it!

The best part about many of these collars is that they are compatible with the Fi smart dog collar. Fi allows you to track your dog's walks, view their location if they run off too far, and even has a built-in LED light for nighttime visibility. Your pup will stay safe and look sharp in their Fi-compatible leather dog collar.