Emily G. is a dedicated animal lover and owner of a unique ensemble of acting pets. Among her talented companions is Elliot, a wirehaired Dachshund who has successfully landed roles in commercials and even made appearances on popular shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL). Emily's involvement in the entertainment industry as an animal owner provides a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of nurturing the talents of her beloved pets.

Meet Elliot

In this interview, we engage in a discussion with Emily G. to gain a deeper understanding of her experiences as an animal owner within the entertainment realm. Through her perspective, Emily sheds light on the day-to-day responsibilities of overseeing a group of performing animals, while also emphasizing the various challenges and rewards that arise in such a role.

(Look for Elliot and his Fi collar in this SNL sketch with host Ana De Armas!)

Fi: How would you briefly describe Elliot’s personality to someone who doesn’t know him?

Emily: Elliot is the sweetest most gentle boy. He is a lap dog. He really is one of the best boys. In late July 2020, his breeder contacted me to let me know she had a puppy for me. He was definitely the best thing of my 2020!

Fi: How old is Elliot, and how long has he been acting? Do any of Elliot’s siblings act?

Emily: Elliot is 2 years old now. He’s been acting since he was a puppy. There were not a lot of jobs in 2020-2021 due to the pandemic but he did get his first job in November 2020.

Yes, Zbigie and Rodrick, both Cardigan Welsh Corgis have had multiple jobs. Zbigie appeared on SNL Blue River and SNL Skimms.

Magic, also a miniature wirehaired dachshund is young still so we are hopeful for her first job soon!

Fi: How did Elliot get discovered by SNL? How many times has he been on the show?

We have an amazing animal agent who gets us the work. I actually specialize in cats. My cats have done acting and modeling work since 2011, so we’ve worked together a long time. When I got my dogs, I let my agent know and she submits them for projects.

Fi: What is the most memorable moment on set for Elliot during the filming of an SNL skit?

Emily: I don’t know if it was just one moment, but originally we were supposed to do the skit "Badminster" in December 2021. However, there was a huge Covid outbreak and everything shut down, including SNL. SNL didn’t even allow a live audience! As a result, we were sent home without the skit making it to the live show. However, all four of us were delighted to have the skit reinstated a month later. There was a huge snowstorm, so SNL had us stay in hotels so we could get to the set. It was a lot of fun.

Fi: How does Elliot prepare for a big performance on live television?

Emily: He gets lots of treats and we do some extra training.

Fi: What kind of training and tricks does Elliot need to know to perform on SNL?

Emily: For this, he didn’t need much training!

Fi: Has Elliot been on any other shows/filming opportunities?

Emily: Besides SNL, one of my favorites was a Bloomingdale's Christmas ad featuring my litter of kittens. He also did an insurance ad with my cat, Ronnie.

Fi: What advice would you give to other dog owners who aspire to have their furry friend become a famous performer like Elliot?

Emily: They need lots of obedience and social training from when they are young. This needs to be in new and different environments. I always recommend professional training. It makes a huge difference.

Fi: Do you have any tips for other dachshund owners on how to train and care for this breed?

Emily: I think most Dachshund owners know that this breed is full of love. However, it's no secret that training them can be quite challenging. Some days you walk into obedience class and think, 'Ok, are they going to work today or act like clowns?' Both he and Magic would try to catch the eyes of other dogs in class because they'd rather play! Most people know this when getting a Dachshund, and all you can do is laugh. Elliot and Magic are from a breeder who does intense early puppy training called 'Puppy Culture', and she breeds for health, confirmation, and working ability. I personally would only get a dog from a breeder who does these things and aspires to make the best dogs possible. That foundation is everything!

Another amazing thing that seems to be a secret is that wirehaired dachshunds do not shed much. Bathing them is super fast, and they dry quickly. They don't have odors like some other dog breeds or coat types. I don't know why everyone doesn't have a wirehaired dachshund!

I make sure they stay at a healthy weight by feeding them mostly a raw diet (even most of their treats are freeze-dried raw!). They have good pet insurance, and of course, their Fi collars, so I know they will never be lost.

Fi: What upcoming projects or collaborations does Elliot have in the works?

Emily: With animal modeling & acting, usually you don’t know if you got the job until 2-7 days before. A lot of the decisions are made last minute.

From Elliot to the rest of her ensemble, Emily's dedication and passion shine through as she navigates the unique challenges and rewards of working with performing pets in the entertainment industry. Through her story, we are reminded of the special bond between humans and animals, and the remarkable abilities they possess.

Elliot the Dachshund
Elliot the Dachshund!!

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