Today is National Golden Retriever Day and we couldn't be happier - nothing brightens your day quite like a big smile from a Golden Retriever. So today we're sharing our favorite Golden Retrievers on Instagram that you might - no, definitely - will want to follow:


Phil has actually been using Fi to help him lose weight! By tracking his steps and activity goals, Phil has gone from 148lbs to 83lbs!

Fi Dog Jax

This list would not be complete without Fi's favorite Golden - office dog, Jax! Jax is our Chief Morale Officer, but his true passion is stealing ham and cheese sandwiches.


I think this video is all the explanation you need here. Whiskey is not only cute, but brilliant when it comes to hiding from the humans!


Luca may be small, but her personality and adventures are larger than life!


One look into those eyes and Ziggy will instantly win you over.


Finley actually holds the world record for most tennis balls held in a dog's mouth! Talk about a dog who loves fetch!


There's nothing we love more than some good views and a handsome Golden Retriever.


We love following all of Cashews adventures!

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