More Fi compatible harnesses?! Yes please...

Meet Designs By Wildside, based in Utah. Designs By Wildside was inspired Milly, Winter, & Jib - three adorable and stylish Golden Retrievers! Milly and Jib love to adventure, which inspired shop owner Candi to create a line of dog products that are not only cute, but durable enough for all your adventures.

Designs By Wildside now offers Fi compatible collars and harnesses! Their Fi compatible collars come in two styles - 1" and 1.5" widths. Each collar is handcrafted with water resistant, ultra durable polypropylene webbing, and marine grade D-rings (no rusting!).

But their harnesses are the real star of the show! The Adventure Harness is lightweight, fully adjustable, and easy to wash after a long day on the trails. The Fi endlinks are sewn into the webbing and the buckles have a locking feature for extra safety.

The collars and harnesses come in a wide variety of fun prints, with additional webbing backing for extra durability and strength!

Get your paws on these collars and harnesses ASAP - they're available for purchase here!

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