It all started with a beautiful black Lab...

Meet Four Black Paws, based in Southwest Michigan. Like many of our Makers, Four Black Paws started with a dog. Shop owner Sarah was looking endlessly for affordable, "girly" collars for her black Lab, Leila, but was disappointed to find that nothing was well suited for her.

So in 2010, Sarah started making dog collars as a creative outlet after a long day at work and the rest is history!

Four Black Paws offers Biothane and canvas collars (and even collars with a little bit of both) in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and sizes.

What's most exciting are her 5/8" collar options! Four Black Paws is the first Maker to offer a 5/8" collar for smaller necks, so if you have a tiny dog and have been waiting for a better collar option... now is your chance to grab one!

Fi compatible collars from Four Black Paws are now available for purchase here.

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