Let's be real - if we don't tell our friends about all the cool adventures we go on with our dogs, did we really even go?! If you can relate, then you're going to want to check out this incredible new Maker...

Jax & Moonie

Meet Jax & Moonie, a brand dedicated to sharing the good times with our canine best friends. Founds Matt and Meilani handcraft and handstitch these leather collars alongside their inspiration for the company - their dog, Jax!

So what makes a Jax & Moonie collar so special? Their signature Been There™ tags! When you purchase a J&M collar, you also have the option to add on Been There™ tags to show off all the cool adventures you and your pup have embarked on.

Now every time you and your dog explore a new place together, you can track it in the Fi app, and add a Been There™ tag to your Jax & Moonie Fi collar!

Jax & Moonie Fi collars are now available in two different styles - the Signature and the Minimalist. Been There™ tags are sold separately so you can collect them over the years!

You can view the full list of our Fi Makers here.

If you're interested in becoming a Maker, please email makers@tryfi.com!