Did you know that Fi partners with dog rescues across the U.S.?

Helping rescue dogs is a huge part of achieving our overall goal - to give every dog freedom, while also keeping them safe. We work with dozens of rescues to provide Fi collars for the dogs in their care, as well as Fi Nano microchips. With the Fi collar and microchip, these dogs are fully protected even before they have a family to call their own.

One of the amazing rescues we work with is Korean K9 Rescue, based right here in New York City. While they're amazing dogs with endless amounts of love to give, Jindo's can be a flight risk! With the help of Fi and Fi Nano, their foster families have a lot more peace of mind while they care for them. And each pup gets to bring their Fi collar home with them once adopted!

Learn more about our partnership with Korean K9 Rescue here:

Work for a dog rescue and want to learn more about our Rescue Program? Email rescues@tryfi.com and we'll see how we can help!