Rottweiler Border Collie mixes are a fairly new breed with a fun-loving personality but can be wary and shy. To understand the hybrid breed, this is a breakdown of the temperaments of the parent breeds of this energetic mix.

Rottweiler: The Gentle Giant

Rottweilers are a sturdy, sensitive breed that is very protective over family and territory.

Affection Level

Rottweilers are extremely affectionate with their owners and family. They express through kisses and cuddles but are also highly protective of the people in their life. When strangers enter their space, they tend to be shy and wary but not usually aggressive.

In general, on walks and outings, they won’t want to say hello to strangers or interact with other dogs. In certain settings, they are very playful with other dogs but usually, when they are not in their own home or space where they are territorial. They are often extra affectionate and protective of the small children they live with.


Energy Level

Rottweilers have high energy levels but tire out rather quickly due to their size and weight. They love to play with their owners and are almost always down for a game of tug. They will enjoy having lots of toys around but prefer to play with others than on their own.

Rottweilers are popular among families because their energy level is up when everyone is outside and playing, but they can calm down when inside. This balance between playfulness and calm is ideal for many owners.


Rottweilers are large dogs weighing between 95-135 pounds when fully grown. Their coloring is almost always black and brown, with distinct eyebrow markings common in the breed. They have thin to medium fur that sheds a lot in the summer but is manageable.

One thing Rotties are known for that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea is their tendency to slobber. Although they slobber with love, their drool can be pretty messy, so they aren’t the best dog for clean freaks.

Border Collie: The Hyper Hound

Border Collies are known to be loving and hard-working pups. They are full of energy and affection, which makes them lovely family dogs.

Affection Level

Border Collies are all about cuddles and kisses and are known to be super affectionate family pets. They aren’t too territorial, so are generally welcoming of strangers in their space and tend to get along with everyone they meet.

Be prepared for Border Collies to want to stop and say hello to every person or dog they walk past. They love making new friends and playmates because of their high energy levels. If you have small children, they may be prone to herd them into small groups out of protection.

black and white border collie

Energy Level

Border Collies are working dogs and relish running around in open spaces, especially with other animals. Border Collies need regular exercise and benefit from daily walks that allow them to work their leg muscles and explore their environment. Their passion for running and roaming can lead them to become lost, so it’s best to have them wear GPS tracking collar with 24/7 location and activity tracking.

When a Border Collie wants to play, they can be incessant for attention. They are non-stop play machines, so they love having lots of toys around to keep them entertained. The best thing for a Border Collie is a fenced-in, grassy space for them to play in addition to frequent long walks.


Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with medium to long coats that tend to shed a lot. Their coats need brushing every few weeks to keep them shedding under control and prevent matting. Their almond eyes give them a look of intelligence and are known as “herding eyes”, which help them focus on moving objects.

Their medium body is agile, which is one of the reasons they love running around so much. But they fair well in cold weather because of how thick their fluffy coat is. They can come in a variety of colors but tend to be a combination of white, brown, and black. Their coat often is marled on top with a white underbelly. They are known for their piercing blue eyes or different colored eyes that are rare in other breeds.

Border Rottie: A Cuddly Colossus

The Rottweiler Border Collie mix hasn’t been around too long. They are called Border Rotties or sometimes Rottcollies, but they are full of love and playfulness, just like their parent breeds.

Affection Level

Border Rotties are lovable and want to love you right back. They are willing to cuddle on the couch and give slobbery kisses to anyone they trust. But they won’t be so open with strangers as they can be wary and very protective of their home.

The Border Collie in them wants to be friends with everyone, but the Rottweiler makes them wait until some trust has been established. Border Rotties want their humans around so much that leaving them alone for hours can cause separation anxiety from the pup.

Energy Level

Many Border Rotties take after their Collie parent in that they are runners that love to explore and have a lot of space to do so. These dogs are energetic and benefit from constant company and attention. The mix of Rottweiler-calm and Border Collie-hyper results in a fun-loving, ball of energy that wants to cuddle just as much as they want to tug.


Because there is little information on this breed hybrid, it can’t be said for certain which parent breed they will resemble more. But the general appearance of a Border Rottie is that of a slender Rottweiler, possibly shorter, and less muscular. They often replace the Rottweiler strength with the Border Collie’s agility, so they can run around as a Collie would.

They typically have dark-colored eyes but can inherit the Border Collie’s blue eyes on rare occasions. Rottweiler coloring of black and brown patches usually comes through in this hybrid, and the thin, sleek coat. The chance of them having tiny, floppy Border Collie ears versus large Rottweiler ears is about the same, so their look can vary significantly.