• Real-time live GPS tracking in Lost Dog Mode
  • More frequent updates, and more accurate tracking
  • All Fi Series 3 users have access to this feature – Update your Fi app to access!
  • Have a Fi Series 2? Upgrade today!

Fi Series 3 offers live tracking on GPS in Lost Dog Mode so that you can track your dog's every move. With this new update, the Fi Series 3 can now report a dog's location in a matter of seconds, setting the new standard of best-in-class GPS and cellular communication. In a lost dog situation, every second counts, and as of today, all Fi Series 3 members have access to this feature.

“We recently launched our most advanced collar, the Fi Series 3, and alongside several other upgrades, we incorporated new hardware that made Live Tracking possible. This has been a massive project for our team for the past year. Since we launched Fi in 2019, we have reunited tens of thousands of dogs with their owners. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technology and tools to support Fi members to be the best possible dog parents.”
– Jonathan Bensamoun, Co-Founder and CEO

About Lost Dog Mode

Lost Dog Mode is a critical feature that allows owners to very precisely track their dogs when they escape. Once Lost Dog Mode is turned on, the Fi collar will increase the frequency at which it reports its location, providing real-time updates of the dog’s location, to help the owner quickly reunite with their dog. We designed this update to balance power consumption with performance and accuracy – ensuring we keep your Fi device live and functional as long as possible.

While we hope you will never have to use Lost Dog Mode, Live Tracking is a powerful improvement that will directly result in owners recovering their dogs faster and helping them live longer, healthier lives.