Do you love spamming your family with photos of your dog? Or does your dog even have its own Instagram profile? If so, here are some top tips that will help you take stunning pics of your four-legged friend.

Location, Location, Location

As with all photography, location is vital. Take your dog to a place that is both somewhere they love and picturesque. This guarantees you’ll get a great photo of your pup against a nice background, while the natural light will look better than if you were snapping indoors.

Make it Playful

Your dog will quickly notice if you start behaving differently, so make your little photoshoot part of a favorite activity. Stop and take a couple of photos on your walk and then carry on. Try again in a few minutes if you didn’t quite get the snap you wanted, but don’t agonize over it. You can try another time!


The ultimate tool for getting your dog’s attention. Use treats when you want your dog to stay still for a few seconds. Do these a few times, and they’ll quickly learn that sitting and listening while you take a photo will result in them getting a little reward.

Go to Your Dog

Keep your dog at ease by going over to them for the photo, rather than calling them back and shaping them into a particular pose. Also, consider crouching down to take the picture. Most of us naturally look down on dogs because they’re lower down than us, so it’s nice for the photo to show them from their own vantage point.

Recruit an Assistant

Recruiting backup can make your life much easier in the quest for great photos. Perhaps ask a friend to stand above you while you’re crouching to get a great shot of your dog looking up, or have them stand to the side of you to draw the dog’s attention, resulting in a nice photo of your pooch looking into the distance.

Take multiple photos quickly

We all want to capture the perfect photo, but that doesn’t mean every image has to be flawless. You may only have a small window to get the shot you want, so you’re better off taking lots of photos and then sifting through them later. Most modern smartphones have a burst mode, which lets you quickly take multiple pictures. Do this to give yourself a better chance of getting your desired image.

Action Shots

We all love photos of our dogs sitting or lying down, looking cute and happy. However, you might find action shots easier because they require less cooperation from the dog beyond chasing their ball or jumping in a lake.

Portrait Mode

Your smartphone has loads of great features that are simple to use and can help you get the right picture. A popular photo technique is to blur the background, bringing your dog into sharp focus. This feature is called Portrait Mode on iPhones, but most Android phones will have a similar function. Give it a try if you want a photo that really makes your pup stand out.

Try Filters

These are for the moments when your dog looks great, but conditions are tricky. Smartphones have a huge array of filters that are simple to use and often very subtle. Perhaps the photo looks a bit dark or hasn’t accurately brought out the color of your dog’s lovely coat. Flick through the filters to see how you can enhance your photo.

Seasonal Props

Perhaps you’re having a Halloween party, or Christmas is around the corner? Accessorize your dog with seasonal attire or props, or think about what you could put in the background to take a nice picture for a particular occasion.