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Today, we're privileged to interview Pamela Forney, one of the devoted people behind Southern California Newfoundland Rescue.

Here is their story:

What inspired you to start or become involved with this rescue organization?

Forney: Love of the breed

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable rescue mission or adoption story that stands out to you?

Forney: Each one is ever so special. From the ones with supreme medical issues to the ones who have lost their owners or maybe rehoming due to circumstances be it health, financial or family issues. Sometimes it is one at a time or 3-4 at a time...they all steal one's heart. The joy of adoption is the best!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a rescue organization, and how do you overcome them?

Forney: Lately it has been the huge increase of rescues. The costs that have increased sometimes 3 fold.

How do you select the dogs that your organization takes in, and what criteria do you use for adoption?

Forney: Must be pure breed Newfoundland.

In what ways do you work to rehabilitate and socialize dogs before they are adopted?

Forney: Before adoption they are with a seasoned foster. They are evaluated medically and for temperament.

What role do volunteers play in your organization, and how can people get involved?

Forney: Volunteers are the back bone of the organization. They can choose from a multitude of different areas so there is something for everyone. They usually sign up thru the web site however with a dog as big and loving as a Newfoundland often people fall in love when they see us out walking our dogs. We have draft training and water training and people often come to us thru those and other public activities such as a day on the beach.

Can you share some success stories of dogs who were once in your care and have now found loving forever homes?

Forney: We try to keep things confidential but will post on our web site on occasion.

How does your organization collaborate with other rescues, shelters, or animal welfare organizations?

Forney: Personal relationships we have been around a long time.

What initiatives or programs does your rescue have in place to promote responsible pet ownership and prevent pet homelessness?

Forney: We have public events with reps who do nothing but promote responsible pet ownership at the event. And we do work to help owners to retain their pet if at all possible. Sometimes they just need a little help caring for the dog and we have volunteers who will step in and help them.

Looking ahead, what are your organization's goals and aspirations for the future?

Forney: That every Newfoundland has a loving home. That donations continue to cover the costs of providing service and aid to those in need.