Let's make 2021 the year that we stop using just peanut butter and treats in our dog's Kongs, and step up the enrichment game with some more challenging and delicious recipes!

Stuffed Kongs are beneficial to your dog for many reasons including weight loss, crate training, preventing destructive chewing, beating boredom, separation anxiety, and teething. Because it's such a versatile tool, it's important to put the extra time into making it irresistible so that your dog craves it!

First, we need to look at the science behind a well-stuffed Kong:

Following all 5 steps above will ensure that your dog's Kong not only tastes amazing, but lasts a long time - which is what they were made for! The more thought you put into stuffing it, the more thought your dog will have to put into figuring out how to get all the good stuff out.

So what ingredients should you put in the Kong? This is where it gets fun. The short answer? Anything and everything!

The key is to mix up what food you're putting in it each time so your dog never knows what to expect. It's also important to add in some smaller treats that will fall out easily for a quick reward, and some tougher ingredients like peanut butter, yogurt, or frozen bone broth that will take some more work.

Here's a list of the Fi Team's favorite Kong ingredients:

If you'll be using wet ingredients, we suggest freezing your Kong overnight to create a longer lasting treat (freezing is required if you'll be using bone broth or water, as these ingredient may pour out otherwise).

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these dog parents who have an A+ Kong stuffing game!

If Kong art was a thing, Kumo's mom would be a professional! On the left, Kumo's Strawberry Froyo Kong is stuffed with kibble and boiled veggies, and topped with frozen greek yogurt, strawberries, cucumber, and basil.

On the right, Kumo's Gingerbread "Latte" Kong is stuffed with kibble, water, and boiled chicken, and topped with frozen greek yogurt, ginger powder, peanut butter drizzle, and a homemade gingerbread man treat!

Last but not least, Tomyum's Kong is stuffed with broccoli, carrot, and blueberries, and topped with beef liver "chocolate chips", greek yogurt, more veggies, and a chicken foot!

What kind of stuffed Kong will you create for your pup?