Strava and Fi have launched an exciting partnership on National Walk Your Dog Day, allowing dog owners to track and share their dogs’ activity with the Strava community. This collaboration unites Strava’s extensive network of athletes with Fi’s innovative smart collar technology, offering a unique way to include our dogs in our fitness journeys.

Fi & Strava Unite for Walk Your Dog Day 2.22

Dogs: The Ultimate Motivators

We love how our dogs give us that extra push to stay active — Strava found that more than 75% of their users find motivation in exercising with their dogs. We’re excited to see how this partnership gives dog parents a little additional incentive, sharing and celebrating their dogs' physical activity alongside their own achievements on Strava.

Key Features

  • Activity Sharing: Users can now share their walks on Strava, with walk maps that feature stats, like step count and distance traveled.
  • Exclusive Collars: A limited number of Fi x Strava collars are available to both new users and current Fi members.
  • Simple Sync: After an easy setup, Fi will automatically upload to Strava after every walk, so users can effortlessly celebrate their dog’s activity
Fi & Strava Unite for Walk Your Dog Day 2.22

Join the Movement

Those eager to integrate their dogs’ activities into their fitness routine can visit to get started. Strava and Fi’s partnership is a step forward in making exercise more inclusive and enjoyable for dog owners and their furry friends alike.

About the Partnership

Strava is the leading community for athletes worldwide, offering a platform to track and share exercise achievements. Fi is revolutionizing being a dog parent with its smart collars, providing insights into dog health and activity.

Together, they're making fitness more accessible and fun for everyone, including our dogs.