#1 - Embark on a road trip

Though flying may still be risky, renting an RV is a great way to create amazing summer memories with your dog while staying socially distanced. Though a view from mile above may be amazing, you'll get to see way more and do way more by hitting the open road. Just be sure to plan ahead and abide by each city and states Covid-19 guidelines.

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#2 - Take a dip in the (kiddie) pool!

You have to admit, one of the best parts about summer is just laying by the pool next to your best bud. Don't have a pool? No problem! Lots of places sell plastic kiddie pools that can quickly turn into a backyard oasis for your dog with the help of a garden hose and a couple tennis balls as pool toys. And if you really want to turn it into a doggie waterpark, turn on the sprinklers and watch your dog go crazy!

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#3 - I scream, you scream... for frozen treats!

Frozen treats are a great way to not only keep your dog cool, but to keep them well  hydrated too! Your dog isn't going to want to come back inside once that sun hits their fur, so it's important to always make sure enough water his getting into their system, even if they forget to stop at the water bowl. Here's Ziggy's favorite frozen treat recipe (he's the Chief Treat Officer at Fi, so he knows his stuff):

1) Grab a Kong, a small cup, or slow feeding bowl, like this one.

2) Grab your dog's favorite snacks - the Fi office pups love regular dog treats mixed with some pieces of apple or banana. Fill the toy or bowl with these yummy treats (note: for the Kong, you may want to plug the hole at the bottom with peanut butter first!)

3) Fill the rest of the bowl with water and a little bit of bone broth if you have it on hand! Let it sit in the freezer for a few hours, then give it to your dog!

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#4 - Take a trip to the beach

A summer classic - head to the beach with your pup! Be sure to check to see which beaches are dog friendly - BringFido is a great place to find the best spot! And be sure to pack lots of water, a ball, some towels, and your Fi collar (yep, it's water-proof).

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#5 - Go camping

Whether you hike to a beautiful spot deep in the mountains or you pitch a tent right in your backyard, camping is a great way to get some fresh air and reconnect with nature. As for your dog, they'll love the exercise and the opportunity to steal your hot dogs.

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#6 - Make your own backyard agility course

This one requires a little extra work, but it will definitely be worth it! You can either buy an agility course online or make one yourself with DIY obstacles - who ever said a log can't be a balance beam?! You can also check out Fi's IGTV with Dog Boy NYC for more at-home agility tips and tricks here.

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#7 - Water sports!

Grab your paddle board, kayak, or boat (or rent one!) and teach your pup how to use their sea legs! Some treats and patience is all it takes for your dog to gain their balance on a kayak or paddle board and once they've got the hang of it, they'll never want get off. Wouldn't hurt to play it safe with a life jacket, too!

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#8 - Backyard treasure hunt

This one is great for mental stimulation - Grab some of your dog's favorite treats and hide them in your backyard or in one of the rooms of your house (and make sure they don't see you!) Start the hunt and watch them use their nose to uncover each treat!

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