If you’re reading this then you have an idea of how important it is to raise a healthy pup into a healthy dog. Maybe you’re an experienced dog owner and want to freshen up on the current science-based research and trends. Or, maybe, you’re a new dog owner and have no clue where to start when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry, friend, we’ve got you covered with 5 tips to have the healthiest dog on the block.

  1. Physical Fitness

Unfortunately, it does not matter how young or old your dog is, if he gets too little exercise, he is going to go crazy and possibly tear things up in your house or backyard! Yep, dogs tend to chew on things to get pent up energy out of their system. So, how do you know if your dog is getting enough exercise for his age, breed, and weight? Fi Collar. Fi is the answer! All you have to do, after purchasing your Fi Collar, is download the app, input your dog’s personal information, and the app tells you if he is getting enough exercise specifically for him! How cool is that?!! Fi gives you a goal for the day, week and even month to make sure your pup is getting all the steps he or she needs.

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2. Mental Stimulation

Okay, I know what you are thinking. “My dog gets plenty of physical fitness at puppy daycare but she STILL chews on my shoes when I leave the house!” That is because every breed was bred with a purpose. You have herding dogs, pointers, retrievers, site hounds, terriers, and the list goes on and on. For those of you with mixed breeds, you could have your hands full! If you don’t know why your dog does what she does, I suggest taking a DNA test to research the breeds and what they were bred for.

Dogs who lack mental stimulation tend to lack manners as well. Work on training, whether it’s for tricks or a purpose. Take her to a new park to enjoy all of the new scenery and smells. Give her interactive puzzles and toys to play with when you leave the house. Even small gestures like leaving the blinds up and curtains open will give your dog some mental stimulation during the day! Easy enough, right?!

3. Unconditional Love

You would think this one was a no-brainer. But some dog owners get busy with the hustle and bustle of life and forget to love on their dogs every day, multiple times a day. There are also people out there who like the idea of owning a certain breed of dog but do not realize the amount of work that it takes to care for the dog. These precious fur babies are left without love and affection and this is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Can you imagine being in a relationship with someone who didn’t show you love and physical touch?! Personally, I would not accept that! Dogs are living, breathing beings with kind souls and they need to be loved. Talk to your dog. Give your dog a massage. Cuddle with your dog. He needs it and longs for it!

4. Nutritious Diet

You see so many fads for dog food these days and it is really difficult to know which one is best. And, honestly, we can’t tell you which one is best for your dog without knowing her needs. Whether you choose a high-end kibble, bone and raw food diet, or human-grade food, you can’t go wrong if you’re choosing the one that fits your dog’s species appropriate dietary needs.

5. Good Hygiene

This category tends to go unnoticed when talking about healthy dogs, but it definitely should not be overlooked! It is a necessity to make sure your dog’s hygiene is in good condition. Why? Let’s start with oral health. Even if you could look past the bleeding gums, awful breath, and plaque-crusted teeth, bad oral health can negatively affect a dog’s entire body! How so? Poor oral health is known to lead to diabetes and heart disease in dogs.

That sounds physically and emotionally painful. No, thank you! And what about failing to trim your dog’s nails? If you don’t live in a place where your environment can file down your dog’s nails naturally (hello, New York City dog parents!) then you need to stay up-to-date on trimmings. Over time, long nails can lead to paw deformities like splayed foot, traction issues when walking, running, and playing, paw sensitivity, and even injury to tendons over time.

It’s easy to remember when you have a dog with short hair because they easily scratch you with their “talons”. But what about dogs with long hair? Those pet parents have it a little harder because they actively and regularly need to check their dog’s nails to keep the quicks short to ensure their fur baby is not in any pain or discomfort.

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Now that you’ve read our 5 tips to having the healthiest dog on the block, you can go out there and be the best pet parent on the block too! Just give your fur baby the appropriate amount of physical exercise by keeping track on your Fi Collar app, give plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day, feed him a healthy diet, give lots and lots of love, kisses, and cuddles, and practice good hygiene! Easy enough, isn’t it?! Whether you’re the experienced dog owner or soon-to-be dog owner, you’ve got this in the bag, my friend.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy + Fit