January is Walk Your Pet Month, and for good reason. While humans were likely preoccupied with holiday planning and indulgence, our dogs were itching for some exercise! Fi pulled together the top 5 cities in America for walking your dog, so if your pup is not reaching his/her daily Fi step goal in your current location...it might be time to move.

Tucson, Arizona

This city is screaming, “bring your dog!”, there are over 250 registered dog friendly restaurants and shopping centers in Tucson, and it rarely ever rains, so every day is a good day to walk your dog.

San Francisco, California

Although housing with large yards is fairly limited, this is one of the most walkable cities in the United States. Where humans walk, dogs shall follow, making this one of the top cities in America for walking your dog.

Boise, Idaho

With the most dog parks per capita, Boise ranks high as one of the best cities for dog owners. So many dog parks to choose from, so many walks to take.

Denver, Colorado

If trail hikes are more exciting to you than city walks, Denver is worth considering. 25+ dog friendly trails just a stone’s throw from the city center, you’ll be hitting your pup’s Fi step goal every evening.

New York, New York

No, seriously. What the city lacks in square footage per person, it makes up for in pet accessibility. There are more dogs registered in this city than any other, and they enjoy dog friendly restaurants, dog parks around almost every corner, designated off-leash hours in Central Park, and even their own Halloween parade.