1) That face you make when your friend sneaks up behind you and pushes you into the pool:

IG: @teamtucker2020

2) Knox just KNOWS how good he looks. Summer suits you, buddy.

IG: @knox.thegsd

3) Lucy, a real life MER-DOG!

IG: @lucy_the_mermutt

4) Mind if we tag along?

IG: @kelley_dodge_

5) Fun Fact: Cherie received the award for "Cutest Surfing Dog Ever"! (Okay, we may have made that up, but it doesn't make it any less true!)

IG: @cheriethesurfdog

6) Sandy fur is newest summer trend, right?

IG: @goldenboyindiana

7) Sawyer is cleared for take off!

IG: @sawyers.adventures

8) Nobody is happier about beach days than Alvin.

IG: @ourpalalvin

9) Adley takes his swimming VERY seriously. You can never be too cautious when it comes to water activities.

IG: @sir.adley

10) Spotted: A good boy working on his tan.

IG: @hemingway_the_hound

11) These 3 pups jump do a cannon ball right on top of you in the pool - what do you do?

IG: @husky.snow.pack

12) These two are summer goals. If you need us, we will be on pool floats with our dogs until Fall.

IG: @sincerelybennett

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