Ever wonder if you are providing the right amount of rest and exercise for your pup? Now, you can check and compare if they are getting enough for their breed and age using Fi’s Strain Score.


We wanted to introduce a feature that would show you how much your dog has exerted themselves. We know that your pup can run for miles everyday but are they balancing that with the right amount of rest? The perfect workouts for humans are made up of hard work and good recovery and dogs are no different.

“It’s no secret that our dogs like to play, and sometimes they can overexert themselves, or fit dog parents might push their pup to their limit,” said Dr. Jeff Werber, Fi Veterinary Consultant and Emmy award-winning veterinarian. “Fi’s Strain Score will let dog parents get ahead of over-tiredness, or too little activity, through a simple visual representation of what is normal for that specific dog.”

Fi’s Strain Score measures your dog’s activity through their steps and sleep and compares it to your dog’s typical daily strain or to similar dogs in the Fi network. Fi’s Strain Score is for every pup - from couch potatoes to the top tier working dogs.

"We are building the first dataset of real-time information to help understand the standard behavior of dogs,” said Jonathan Bensamoun, Founder and CEO of Fi. “When owners have a baseline for evaluating their dog’s level of exhaustion — with visibility into the norm for their own pup, similar dogs, and the broader dog population — they can take action to enhance and extend their best friend’s life.”