We put our database of 1.6 million dogs against precinct level voting data from the 2016 election to help us understand what your dog says about your political affiliation. No matter what side of the aisle you stand on, a love for dogs is something we can finally all agree on! Our research revealed:

  • The 5 most popular dog names among Republicans are: Ruger, Sassy, Buckeye, Brutus and Baby
  • The 5 most popular dog names among Democrats are: Diamond, Prince, Princess, King, Bhodi
  • Republicans are 13% more likely than Democrats to have dogs over 25 pounds
  • Democrats are 6x more likely to have Doodle breeds
  • Republicans are 20% more likely than Democrats to have mixed breed dogs
  • If you own a female dog, you’re 6% more likely to vote Republican
  • Republicans are 2x less likely to spay or neuter their dogs

We don't think the dogs that have had the pleasure of serving in the White House get enough attention - so we're shining a light on some of the most Presidential Pups in history:

President Lyndon Johnson and one of his many Beagles, Freckles
Richard Nixon's festively dressed dogs
The Reagans and their dog, Rex
Bill Clinton and Buddy
The Obamas with Bo and Sunny
President Ford and his daughter with their dog, Liberty.